Exercises During Pregnancy – Is It Safe and Healthy?

Exercises during Pregnancy

Summary:Healthy exercise will help you with a delightful pregnancy. Read on to include them in your routine and enjoy the benefits.

Intake of wholesome food is good for your baby during pregnancy. But what about the weight gained? Weight gained during the journey with very little or no activity can affect your baby’s health in the womb adversely.

Soooo…! When you’re expecting, just keep moving!

We understand that with the first trimester morning sickness, nausea, and other the issues like back pain that comes along with it, later on, staying active during pregnancy is definitely not a cakewalk.

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And we surely can’t ask you to hit the gym.

Please don’t go by the words of your friends and relatives.  We know they have started barraging you with ideas.

But we assure you that there are tactics that you can use to help you ease through these long months.

Only some may have to make a few changes in their pregnancy exercises. And others may have to put in a little effort to fit into a proper work out regime, under the guidance of a trainer.

Read on to find out the ways and means.

What exercises can you do during your pregnancy?

Go for Aerobics:

Earlier doctors believed that aerobics might make pregnancy a bit risky. However, modern medical professionals have widely accepted aerobics (like low impact dancing and jogging) to give immense support to the heart of the expecting mothers. Undoubtedly, mothers can stay fit and in shape. They get enough stamina to ease through the labour and delivery of the baby. And babies born to fit moms have greater cardio capacity later on.

Include Yoga:

Butterfly stretch, cat-cow, cobra, triangle pose, etc. are some yoga (asanas) postures that can be extremely beneficial during pregnancy. These postures can keep the months-long journey stress-free, helping mothers’ deliver normally.

Add brisk walking in the routine:

Just 30 to 45 minutes are enough! Maybe a low-impact exercise, but if included in the daily pregnancy routine, it can lower joint and muscle pain, improve the blood circulation and boosts the immunity of the mother and the baby. Mothers with symptoms of gestational diabetes will surely find a solution. So, don’t miss out on the most recommended way to stay fit during pregnancy.

Light dancing will be super fun:

Pregnancy is the time to have fun. So why not take up dance forms like samba, jazz, ballroom dance (without lifts) and most importantly salsa, tailored especially for expecting moms? One of the greatest stress busters, which also aims to toning the muscles and achieving a Flexi preggy body. Just remember, to take up dance forms with mild steps and those who don’t involve heavy jumping.

Pilates is fantastic and versatile:

Note 1: “As your abdominal muscles stretch to allow room for your growing baby, your posture can change, leading to more pressure on your spine and surrounding muscles,” explains physiotherapist Aoibhin McGreal.

Therefore, Pilates is a must-do for all the would-be moms. It may be low impact, but it surely works on strengthening the muscles and helps in restoring the energy-levels, without putting much strain on the joints. Moreover, using breathing techniques as a part of this exercise can be easy on the labour. So, include Pilates in your exercise regime from the first trimester till the last.

What are the benefits of these exercises?

Will lower your backache.

Will make you feel less constipated

Will help you ease through gestational diabetes, hypertension and pre-eclampsia.

Will support in the development of the foetus

Will surely strengthen heart and blood vessels, thereby energising you.

Remember not to strain yourself

  • A flat surface should be the first choice while exercising.
  • Once the floor exercises are over, it is advised to get up slowly so as to prevent dizziness.
  • 5 minutes warm-up time before exercising is very important.
  • Staying hydrated by drinking plain water or fresh fruit juice is a must before, during and after the workout sessions.
  • Finishing food at least an hour before exercising is compulsory.
  • 30 to 45 minutes daily walk before entering the other activities should be part of the routine.
  • A 15-minute daily cardiovascular activity for the health and well-being of the would-be mother and the baby inside is a necessity. A routine pulse-rate tracking should be done after every 15 minutes session.
  • If your pregnancy is in an advance stage, gradually lowering the intensity of exercise should be the norm.
  • During pregnancy, the body temperature is slightly higher, and extensive exercising might soar the temperature making it unsafe for the baby inside. Therefore, intensive exercising is a big “No”!
  • An expectant mother should never exercise to the point of exhaustion. This will affect her as well as her baby’s health. If she feels low in energy, she should slow down on her activity.
  • While exercising, she should wear comfortable clothes with well-supported inners.
  • To maintain a proper balance, she must choose shoes designed for exercising only.

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So, don’t think twice!

Doing regular exercise during pregnancy is a good practice.  Although it is important to modify the exercise program from time-to-time, to ensure the exercise routine is not harmful for an expectant mother, she should take the advice of her healthcare professional/gynaecologist and enjoy a safe and healthy pregnancy and childbirth.



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