8 Easy Tips to Grow Thick Eyelashes Naturally

thick eyelashes

The eyes are the window to our soul – Shakespeare !, For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others – Andrey Hepburn. Have you ever wondered by reading these quotes about eyes? What made them so special to describe. Have you ever thought about it? Let us know what made them special.

The answer is eyelashes. Each of the short curved hair growing on the edges of the eyelids is made our human eyes outstanding, especially for women. These eyelashes are not only meant for beauty but they protect the eyes from dust. Every woman carves for the thickness of natural eyelashes.

We have effective natural ways to get thick eyelashes. Before peeping into it, let’s have a  general knowledge of why our eyelashes might not be as healthy as they could be.

Reasons for thinner and unhealthy eyelashes:

  • Aging and menopause often result in hormonal imbalances that thin hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes.
  • And such as sturdy scrubbing in removing our makeup can result in a loss of eyelashes.
  • And also an allergic reaction to mascara is sometimes the cause of eyelash loss as well.
  • Make sure that there is no allergic substance in mascara you are using.

Now let’s peep into the proper routine to follow in growing thicker Eyelashes Naturally. You can also use some simple home remedies to ameliorate growth. It may take a long time to get the desired result and more than one method try different methods which work best for you.

Natural methods for to Get Thick Eyelashes

Maintenance and grooming:

For thicker eyelashes you just need is proper maintenance and grooming. Just like the hair on your scalp.

  • Try to brush your eyelashes using an eyelash brush at least once in a day.
  • Brushing your eyelashes increases in blood circulation.
  • Use a mild cleanser for washing your face and eyes.
  • Must and should clean your eyelashes after waking up.
  • Avoid tugging at your eyelashes with your fingers or a lash curler.

Massaging and caring:

Massage plays a vital role in maintaining the lid hygiene.

 Method of massaging:

  • Take a few drops of oil on to your fingertips, and massage your eyelids.
  • Do massage in small light, circular motions.
  • Massage for 6 to 7 minutes twice daily for a few months.

Note: wash your hands before massaging your eyelids

  •  We can use coconut oil, castor oil, butter for growth of eyelashes.
  • Castor oil has a powerful stimulating and nourishing power.

Eye mask:

To get thick eyelashes use aloe vera gel for an eye mask. Aloe vera is a wonderful home remedy that can help your eyelashes to grow long, strong, and thick. Moreover, it helps keep your lashes moisturized.

Preparing of mask:

  • Take one tablespoon of Murdock oil, castor oil, and organic aloe vera gel and two drops of vitamin E and vitamin A capsule.
  • Use this mixture twice or thrice in a month, to nourish your eyelashes.
  • Use a clean old mascara wand, apply some fresh aloe vera gel on your lashes before going to bed.
  • Wait for 15 minutes, and rinse off with warm water.

Green tea:

  • Green tea is the best remedies for tried eyelashes.
  • Soak a cotton swab into the chilled green tea and gently pat your eyelashes after taking off makeup.

Coconut milk:

  • Coconut milk can nourish your lashes.
  • Cotton pad in full-fat coconut milk and place it on your eyes for 15 minutes.

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Balanced diet:

Healthy balanced diet food also plays a major role. This is another key step to enjoy thick eyelashes. It is just like the hair on the head, your lashes need vitamins and minerals too.

Proper diet to be followed

  • Include fresh fruits in your daily diet, which are enriched with plenty of minerals and vitamins such as apples, guava, mangos, and other fruits or you can include fruit juices too.
  • Also take leafy vegetables, vegetables like spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale soon.
  • Legumes, nuts, seeds, and beans which are known for protein-rich food. Include these whole grains in your daily food diet.
  • Eat alfalfa routes, sprouts as they are high in protein-rich, as well as vitamins and minerals.
  • Salmon is jam-packed with proteins and nutrients that making your hair on eyelids to grow and keep them strong.
  • Salmon is loaded with protein and fish oil which is a power duo when it comes to keeping hair healthy.
  • Include iron-containing food items, iron not only gives you a very pretty healthy glow but it also works extremely well at keeping your eyelashes strong.


Most of us don’t pay attention to our daily food habits, we need to take care of our daily food habits on a regular basis. A balanced diet and proper nutrition food can change our output more beautifully. Although, some people never show any importance, thinking that it is a minor part of our body.

But the food and steps mentioned in this article will definitely help you in the growth of the eyelashes.