Just In 3 Steps to Contour Your Nose Like a Pro!

Countour your nose

When we talk about perfect makeup the first thing that strikes our mind is how to contour your nose like an expert. Contouring your nose is the main step or part of your makeup which should be perfect. No doubt that there are hundreds of tutorials for how to contour your nose like a pro available on the internet but if you want some easy steps to get a perfect sculpted look then you are in the right place.

You can make yourself look as you want and you just need to know which areas you want to emphasize with the help of a highlighter or a little contour. One can also completely change the size of their nose and can make it look bigger, smaller, straighter or thinner as they pleased. So let’s get ready to rock the stage with your perfect look in just a few easy steps.

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is to get your normal complexion makeup with the help of your daily cosmetic products. Use whatever you want to apply on your skin, it may be a foundation, concealer or anything else. Remember that contouring should be done after you apply foundation or whatever you want to but before you set your makeup.

Just some simple techniques can make your nose look smaller, bigger or thinner. Now let’s catch a glimpse of the simple steps to contour your nose like a pro.

Step 1 :

Highlight Your Nose

The first step is to highlight your nose. You have to put a little effort to create little contrast down the center of your nose. But it is very much advised not to use a shimmery highlighter as it may you look a little shiny and we want a perfect sculpted look. To get this effect you can go for a luminous concealer to brighten your nose without making it look shiny. Always remember to choose a highlighter 1-2 shades lighter than your normal complexion. Now begin at the bridge of your nose and for this, you have to use a small, compact brush and apply two lines of concealer down the middle of your nose making it look as thin as you want and end it before you reach the end of your nose. Don’t make the line of highlighter too wider as it may make your nose look more wider than thinner. Also if you want to give emphasis to the point of your nose then make a little dot at the tip of your nose.

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Step 2 :

Blend Your Nose

So here is the next step we have to blend the lines on your nose. Blending is not that much difficult. After making the lines you can start with blending them away until you are just left with subtle shadows on your nose. One can use a sponge or even their finger to soften the stripe. Also, you can use a fluffy soft blender brush or makeup sponge to blend the lines. The first thing is pressing the concealer into your skin and then lightly rubbing the edges to remove any tough line. You have to make sure not to blend the lines together.

Step 3 :

Shade And Blend Your Nose Contour

The last step is to shade and blend your nose contour. For this step you can use a small blending brush, just make sure that it should be clean. Now moving forward from the inner core of your eye just shade straight down until you reach the end of your nose. Now repeat it again on the other side of your nose also. Make sure to use the brush to blend the edges for both the sides of your nose and then you can decide whether to add or remove any pigment. It’s a fact that more diffuse the pigment will be the more real your contour will look so just keep blending till all the harsh lines get smooth.

At the end give a final touch by one last blend with the help of your brush, sponge or maybe your finger to make sure that your contour looks as natural as you can make it. Once you’re done with the blending you can apply a little more foundation as you wish.

Contouring is really a very useful makeup trick that can help you to create your nose shape as perfectly as you like. It is a beauty trend for which people are really crazy. Always remember not to use a  foundation or powder which is too dark as it will not look natural. With perfect contouring technique, you can make yourself look as you want just by shaping your nose with perfection. Make it look as natural as you can. So these were the three simple steps that can help you to contour your nose like a hope. Hope this will help you to get the perfect look and will help you to contour your nose like a pro.

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