Best Body Weight Exercises To Burn Fat and Lose Weight

body weight exercises to loose weight

It’s true that having a good physique is a plus point to your overall personality. In our busy schedule and hectic life, it is not much easy to find time to work for your physique. But with bodyweight exercises, it’s not that much difficult to burn your fat and to lose weight. You can try them anytime, anywhere and they will help you to reach your goal.

You just need dedication and should know the right bodyweight exercises that can help you to work for your body. Even if you are just beginning to work on your body then also you can do wonders just by choosing the best bodyweight exercise that can help you to reach your goal.

It’s a good habit and is very much required to start the exercises with a warm-up, at least 3 to 5 minutes. Here, are some best bodyweight exercises to burn fat and lose weight.

Eccentric Push-ups

We will start the list with push-ups. It’s very simple to start with. You can try this by just following simple steps and if you do it in the correct ways then it can engage with multiple muscle groups in your body.

For this bodyweight exercise, you have to keep your hands on the ground. Place them a little outside shoulder-width. Now keep your fingers spread slightly out and point them forward.

Now raise your body up onto your toes by putting all your body weight on your hands and feet. Keep your body in a straight line and avoid arching your back or pointing your bottom in the air.

Now bend your elbows and chest down slowly to the floor. Once your torso is about to touch the floor push up by taking the starting position. Repeat it again.

Pike Press Up

It can help you a lot in just three steps. To start with this you have to get into a press-up position while keeping your hands wider than your shoulders width apart.

Now just bend at the waist and try to raise on your toes by keeping your heels off the floor and your back straight as much as possible. Your body will form an upside V-shape with your hands down and heels off the floor.

Now try to move your head towards the ground and lower your upper body by bending your elbows. Then pause and push yourself up until your arms are straight It will help you to burn your belly fat.

One more thing is that they will not only help you to burn fat and lose weight but will also increase your body’s flexibility, strength and also the posture.

Squat Jumps 

You can begin with box squats and chair squats if you want, before going to squat jumps. Stand straight on the ground by keeping your feet flat on the ground, hip-width apart.

Now take your arms straight up in front of you and get into a squat position by keeping your chest up and back straight. Now press through your heels and try to extend your arms down in order to jump as high as you can.

Now land your feet again on the ground as softly as you can with your knees bent. Now take your initial position and start again. They will help you a lot and will work on your muscles.

Stability Ball Grasshopper 

Now with this exercise, you are ready to challenge your stability including your upper body strength and even every single muscle of yours. This exercise may seem to be a little difficult but this will help you a lot.

It will work on all the muscles of your body. To start this you have to take a push-up position with your hands on the ground and feet on the top of a ball.

Now raise your left leg off the ball and try to bring it towards your chest, then twist and expand it to the right just at 90 degrees to your body. Now return foot back to the ball and get ready to repeat it again for 10 to 15 minutes by switching the legs.

Side Plank Knee Drives

If you are an athlete then it may be very useful to you and you should try this one. This bodyweight exercise will help you to strengthen your hips and groins and they are the most common areas of injury for an athlete as you know.

You can start this by lying on your left side and keeping your legs straight and a little staggered. Keep your left foot behind your right foot. Now with the help of your left forearm directly under your left shoulder and upper hand on the top of your hip.

Now try to prop yourself up in order to keep all your body weight on your left forearm and your body will look like a diagonal line. Now bring your knee into your chest hold for some time and get back to the starting position.

Turn to the other side and repeat it again. You’ll experience a large amount of work in the groin of your supporting leg. Repeat a few steps before you switch your side.

Mountain Climbers

You must have heard about the mountain climber’s bodyweight exercise. To start with this bodyweight exercise you have to get into a push-up position by placing your hands on the ground, directly underneath your shoulders.

Now keep your butt down and try to keep your whole body as straight as you can. Pull your right knee towards your chest and then go for your left knee. Repeat them in speed as fast as you can. You’ll start feeling some pressure on your abs and shoulders.

We have seen 6 exercises that you can try at your home and can really help you out. Just bring them into your routine today only and start working towards your goal. There are many other bodyweight exercises also that can also help you to burn fat and lose weight. One can start with the above exercises and they will definitely help you to lose your weight. I hope these bodyweight exercises will help you to reach your goal.


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