Diet for Kidney Stones : Foods To Eat & Avoid

Diet for kidney stones

Do you know that it has been proved that every 1 person out of 10 people has a kidney stone? The graph for the number of kidney stone patients is increasing across the countries. Basically, a kidney stone can be described as a small, hard mass that forms from crystals present in the urine. The reason behind the formation of stones in the kidney may be the formation of many crystals like substances in the urine such as minerals and salts.

It could be me or you so it becomes very important to know the food which you should avoid and the food which you should eat. A kidney stone patient must have to follow a particular diet plan in order to maintain their health. Since not all the kidney stones are of the same type so the diet plan keeps on changing for every type. You can prevent the formation of stones in the kidney just by changing your diet. It is true that the pain is unbearable so it is good to take care of your diet and prevent it from happening in the first place only. If you are a person who wishes to prevent kidney stones developing for the first time or want to reduce the reoccurrence of it if you already had one then you should start having these food items in your diet.

Food To Eat Kidney Stone

As already told kidney stones are of different type and for every type the diet plan varies. So it is always advised to consult a doctor or a dietician to list the food items which the patient can eat and cannot eat. Following the diet plan will help them to avoid the formation of kidney stones. Below are some food items which a patient can add or remove from their diet in order to prevent kidney stone. Let’s have a look.

Drink More Water

It’s a true fact that every glass of water added in your diet will help you to decrease the chances of kidney stones. They often occur due to dehydration so it is very much advised to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily in order to prevent problems related to the kidney. You may also drink some other fluids also but it is important to check that they should not have high salt content. Also, it’s a good habit to avoid sugary drinks like sweetened juices and sodas to avoid problems.[1]

Foods Rich In Calcium And Oxalate

It is advised to include food items rich in calcium and oxalate content. Having a low amount of calcium in your diet may lead to the formation of stones in the kidney. The reason behind this is that the calcium and oxalate content has the ability to bind together in the intestine thus preventing the formation of stones. Never forget to include these food items in your diet.

  • Low fat or fat-free milk products can help to reduce the risk of kidney problems.
  • It is good to include cereals, bread, and juices in your diet which are referred to as calcium-fortified foods.
  • Vegetables rich in calcium content like broccoli are also advised to put on your plate.
  • Beans and seaweed are also told to add in the diet plan.

Fruits and Vegetables

Good health can be obtained by eating healthy fruits and vegetables. If you want to prevent the stone formation in your kidney then start adding more and more vegetables on your plate. Fruit such as oranges and lemons are known to reduce the chances of kidney stones as they have a high level of citric acid content in them. One should start eating vegetables and fruits that have high oxalate and calcium content.

Food To Avoid Kidney Stone

We have already talked about the food which you should eat in order to prevent kidney stones. But there are various food items also that you should avoid or limit as they can lead to the formation of stones. Although which food to limit also depends on the type of stone you have in your body but there are some suggestions for the foods that one should avoid.

  • It is advised to avoid high sodium foods as well as processed, packaged foods and meals from fast food establishment as they increase the chances of forming stones in your kidney.
  • Some particular products like eggs, fish, pork, and beef are also advised to avoid as much as possible.
  • Do not add food items which are high in oxalate in your diet if you are dealing with calcium oxalate stones in order to avoid the recurrence of kidney stone. The food items include nuts, peanuts, spinach, wheat bran, rhubarb.

We above discussed some of the foods that you should avoid and the food items which you should intake. The reason behind to make a diet plan is that many foods contain certain chemicals or compounds that can lead to the production of kidney stones and that’s why it is advised to limit those items in your diet. The chances of kidney stone somewhere get reduce if one limits the intake of these foods. But the best thing to avoid the recurrence of kidney stones is too follow the instructions given by your doctor or your dietician.

I hope you will follow the above things and they will help you in your life.

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