6 Reasons Why You Should Continue With Home Workouts

Home Workouts

It’s been quite the year, and many of us have had to adapt to working out from home with gyms being closed. With the world slowly opening back up, with that comes the re-opening of gyms.

But we shouldn’t be so quick to throw away the home workouts we got so used to.

Here are 6 reasons why you should continue with your home workouts.

Save time and money.

Gym memberships cost money, that’s not secret. Depending on which gym you go to they can be quite pricey. Yes you have the benefit of using their equipment, but a lot of the price you’re paying for in your gym memberships is for the classes, and half the stuff you probably don’t take advantage of.

How long does it take you to get ready for the gym, drive to the gym etc? Moreover, you have the option of investing in used fitness equipment because it is the best way of using gym equipment within your budget. The time it takes you to do this, you could’ve already completed a successful home workout and be ready to move on with your day.

You can fit a workout in at any time.

You don’t have to plan your workout around when you can get to the gym. If you keep working out at home you can do so at any time by using a pilates reformer machine that suits you. Keen on a 20-minute ab blaster before lunch? Go right ahead, you’re already in your gym! Pilates reformer is designed to work out at home. Pilates reformer exercise is also very helpful to stay healthy & fit.

Even if you have 10 minutes in between calls while you’re working from home, there’s nothing stopping you from dropping to the ground and doing pushups.

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Know your germs

Oh yes, we know all about germs these days. Let’s be honest, gyms are pretty gross. There’s sweat everywhere and you don’t know who used the bench press before you, and whether or not they wiped it down! Everything you do at home is monitored, you know where your equipment has been, and when it was last cleaned!

No pressure to move

And we don’t mean you can just lay on the floor. We mean there’s no pressure to move equipment. If someone wants to use what you’re using, they’ll probably make it obvious and stand nearby awkwardly watching you until you’re finished or more likely until you’re too uncomfortable and leave! You can take your time at home, perfect each move without worries you’re stopping someone else from using the equipment. Form is more important than speed.

No comparisons

The gym is filled with toned arms and ripped abs, and it’s easy to compare yourself. Whether it’s your physique or the amount of weight the person next to you is lifting. While a little competition can be healthy and challenging sometimes, it’s nice to take a break and only focus on yourself. There’s no ideal body type in your living room, just your body type. Set yourself some goals and keep going until you beat them.

You can only do 5 full body push ups? That’s amazing, keep training until you can do 6. Compare yourself, to yourself.

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No excuses

That’s right, you’re out of excuses. You don’t have workout clothes on you? That’s a lie, go to your closet. You don’t have time? Get off your phone and do that HIIT workout. You don’t know what to do? That’s fine, watch a video and figure it out, no one can see you if you do it wrong. It’s too far away? No it’s not, you’re already there.

The internet is full of follow along workouts, whether you’re after a strength weights based workout or a quick and sweaty HIIT workout, you can find it online and follow along from the comfort of your own home.

Working out from home might not seem as glamorous as working out at the gym, but it comes with its benefits. Save time, save money and get your workout done whenever you want. Stream a follow-along workout on your TV in your lounge room, roll out your yoga mat and you’re ready to sweat it out at home.

Also can’t be bothered putting on proper workout clothes? Work out in your pyjamas, your secrets safe with us.