Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair loss remedies

Nowadays we can see a common problem in every men & woman is hair loss. The hair loss problem occurs due to stress, pollution, genetic factors, fewer hormones, nutritional deficiency, smoking, low-quality hair products, aging, thyroid, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), iron-deficiency anemia and chronic illnesses.

Tips to control hair fall:

You can control hair fall by following these methods…

  • To control hair loss, use good shampoo/conditioner.
  • Maintain proper diet & exercises
  • Massages with essential oils
  • Avoid smoking & drinking
  • Reduce your stress
  • Avoid continuous heating and drying

Considering our surroundings, we know that there are many natural ingredients that can be used to make different home remedies for hair loss. Here it is

Egg Masks:

Egg masks will help you to control hair loss because it has rich in selenium, zinc, iodine, sulfur, phosphorus.

  • Take one egg and separate the egg white
  • Now add 1tsp of honey and olive oil
  • Make a paste by mixing well
  • Apply the paste to your hair from the root to tips
  • Leave it for 20 mins, and wash with a conditioner/shampoo.


Onion Juice:

Onions have antibacterial properties. It has rich in sulfur content and promote hair growth and improves your blood circulation to hair follicles.

  • Grind the onion & squeeze out the juice.
  • Apply the juice to your hair, and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Now wash with a shampoo/conditioner.
  • Repeat this method weekly once.

Indian Gooseberry:

Indiana gooseberry is also called as “amla”. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and exfoliating properties which can reduce hair fall and promotes hair growth faster maintain healthy hair.

  • Take amla powder and add one tsp of lemon juice make like a paste.
  • Apply to hair and scalp & cover it because it should not dry out
  • Leave it for one hour and wash it with normal water.