How Protein is Efficient Diet for Weight Loss

Protein diet for weight loss

Everyone is now hearing the ‘standard’ word weight loss, which is ‘eat more whole grains and ‘eat less fat’. However, can eat MORE of something helps you in weight loss too? Despite all the grain and vegetable frenzy, the important aspect to remain healthy is sadly neglected, i.e. protein.

What is Protein?

Protein is a block of muscle tissue. Whether it’s your heart, your legs, or your stomach; they are all muscle. And you require them in top shape to stay fit and healthy. Muscle tissue even burns fat while simply sitting around! Thus, the more muscle you have, the more you’ll find it easier to shred your fat.

If you need to build a brick wall, you wouldn’t go to a glass, cardboard, or cloth shop. You would contact the brick maker. It’s the very same way within your body. If you need to build muscle, you need to take protein, not carbohydrates, fat, or fiber.

Remember, carbs, fats, and fiber; all are important for health too, and everyone requires some of them. But none of them can replace protein for you. You encounter protein in muscle-building, but you hardly have seen anyone associating it with weight loss.

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Protein does not get stored like fat, or the body does not convert it into fat.

Protein Diet Should be Supplemented

Carbohydrates, fats, sugars, & oils can be converted into body fat. Fat is a hub of energy, which your body can choose to use at any time. It saves you from starvation and offers a readymade source of energy. However, whey protein is an instant energy source that’s quite efficient.

You will listen about the supposed “Fat Burning Switch” on protein powder and drinks. There is no such ‘button’ to press. However, by eating quality protein, you are sending your body a signal that “the food supply is fine. Now, you don’t need to keep storing fat”.

Is your Protein Diet ‘good quality?

There are loads of ‘food items’ impersonating as a protein that isn’t good quality in reality. These include

  • over-cooked foods,
  • foods treated by radiation (the look or the taste do not change, but it damages the nutrients while killing bacteria),
  • foods with so many preservatives, and
  • foods with several chemicals used to process or grow them.

For instance, some chickens are given arsenic (that’s poisonous to birds and humans) to force them to gain weight. Of course, it’s still present in the meat and when you get it, you lower the nutritional value. Similarly, whey protein is also a form of protein. So, when you take it from a quality whey protein supplier, you are doing a massive favor to your muscles.

Unhealthy animals won’t have healthy meat. So the best way is to try staying away from ‘processed meats’ when getting your protein intake.

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Picking the correct form of protein is important for quality

Getting a bucket of fried chicken might give you protein; however, it is not your best bet for health & retaining a healthy weight. Selecting your protein is healthy and easy when you look at the following list:


Eggs are among the best sources of protein. A free-range egg is the best. Chickens, outside in the sun, insert loads of crucial Vitamin D into their eggs. Eggs from the happiest and healthiest chickens are a powerhouse of protein and nutrients for you.

Usually egg mills are horrible for hens. They provide a poor diet and bad living conditions. Their horrible circumstances lead them to produce poor eggs.

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Grass-fed beef

Cows eat grass and remain outdoors in the sun and move around. Proper exercise with a natural diet keeps animals healthy without excessive hormones, antibiotics, & medicines. E.Coli (the terrible bacteria) is nearly non-existent on grass-fed cows.

When people raise animals in organic conditions they produce healthier and better meat. Eating hormones and antibiotics isn’t good for you. However, they are passed along with you when you eat factory meats.

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Fish and chicken

“The wilder the better”. Wild-caught out-door chickens are among the healthiest. Avoiding big fish such as sharks, swordfish, and tuna will also restrict your possible mercury exposure. Norwegian cod and Wild salmon offer healthy omega 3 oil and protein.

Beans & Nuts

Animals are not among the only sources of healthy protein. Protein from plants normally is not complete. However, by combining various forms of protein in the same meal, you still can get all the amino acids you require.

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Combinations like legumes (like rice or wheat, and beans) and grains, beans & corn, or seeds and beans will offer you the essential amino acids. Proteins contain up to 20 different amino acids.

Your body can make (through combining multiple nutrients from foods you intake) all of them, except for 8. Plant as protein sources is wonderful too, considering they don’t have the expense of meats and the added fat.

Chia Seeds

The chia seed seems rare, as it is a 100% organic protein. It does not contain the plant estrogens as soy has. Normally, whole protein is only provided by meat. With vegetable sources, you have to combine various sources to obtain a complete protein.

However, with this seed, you don’t need to. They have a 23% weight of protein diet, which is a pleasant and high proportion for a plant. The seeds have no flavor, so you can add them to anything you effectively prefer to eat.

Anything from cereal to servings of mixed greens, to sandwiches, can have chia added to it without modifying the taste. It’s so natural to utilize that there’s no reason not to go after this simple boost of protein!

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How else protein can contribute towards weight loss?

Protein diet does not increase levels of blood sugar. When insulin is balanced and regulated, your body won’t need to store excess fat; in case the ‘quick burning carbs’ run out suddenly.

When your body gets plenty of protein every day, it comes out from the ‘survival mode’. It will be likely to allow more fat to be burned off because healthy fuel is always available. Don’t forget, your body doesn’t understand that the food is and will always be readily available.

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So, give your body the ‘fat-fighting signal’ by inserting healthy, easy, and tasty protein into your diet!


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