7 Reasons You Should Know If You Eat Too Much Sugar

Picture warm, chocolaty cookies, crunchy candies, velvety cakes, waffle cones piled with ice cream is your mouth watering? yeah, we all have sweet cravings and sometimes we just binge eat all the sugary items never minding the consequences. Have you ever wondered what happens when you eat too much sugar?

Obviously, sugar is good when taken in correct proportions and definitely the bad for when taken in excessive quantities. Sugars are found in a wide variety of foods and drinks. If you ever check the labels of the sweet products you buy you find the names such as glucose, fructose, maltose, sucrose, lactose, starch, etc all of which are forms of sugars.

Sugar isn’t just in candies and desserts it is also added to flavored water, yogurt, sauces, etc. Well, our system gives us crystal clear signs when there is too much intake of sugar. Here’s a list of things that happen to you when you eat too much sugar.

7 Reasons You Should Know If You Eat Too Much Sugar

Weight Gain

The first and most important thing is weight gain. When you take excessive amounts of sugars you can see a drastic change in your weight. Sugars will eventually turn into fat in the body. One of the main reasons for obesity is by consuming too much sugar. Weight gain leads to many negative health issues. Being overweight causes health risks such as high blood pressure, heart strokes, diabetes, kidney diseases, etc. So to avoid all these problems taking a toll on your life inculcating a few habits such as exercising, keeping track of calorie intake, taking limited and correct proportions of sugars in your diet is necessary.

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Let me explain you in simple terms, an increase of blood glucose/blood sugar level (blood sugar level is the concentration of glucose in the blood) is termed as diabetes. Diabetes is a very commonly heard of and in recent years the percentage of people having diabetes has drastically increased. Insulin is a hormone in our body which usually helps glucose gets into cells to give them energy, but during this condition (diabetes) our body does not make insulin or use insulin well and as a result, the glucose stays in the blood. Diabetes causes serious problems to eyes, nerves, and kidneys. If you have diabetes the wounds take much time to heal or sometimes don’t heal due to poor blood circulation and cause fungal/bacterial infections and require removal of the parts that cannot be healed at all.

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Heart Diseases

Consumption of high sugary diets increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Since sugars turn into fat in the body excessive intake may raise the blood pressure and lead to heart diseases.

Acne And Early Aging Signs

After a vacation at your granny’s, holidays spent having delicious foods and sweets containing good amounts of sugars and fats cooked by grandma, it is often common to find zits and acne on your face. Ever wondered why? It is because excessive sugar intake causes inflammation as a result of which collagen and elastin (the proteins that keep your skin youthful) are damaged, it causes the body to produce excess oil and has a dehydrating effect on skin and as a result we have breakouts, zits, and acne. Another disadvantage of consuming too much sugar is we show early signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark circles, loose skin, dull skin tone, etc.

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Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is a dehydrating effect due to high blood sugar and it also affects the cells of your eyes, as a result, they deform and the eye loses its ability to focus properly.

Tooth Decay

Sweet foods inarguably promote the formulation of cavities which results in tooth decay. It’s not the sugar alone that makes your teeth rot, it’s the debris from the food left in your teeth after you eat. Always make sure to brush your teeth properly and visit a dentist regularly. Brushing your teeth twice a day prevents the formation cavities. Oral hygiene is very important and plays an important role in the prevention of dental problems.

Craving Sweet Food / Addiction

The more sugar we consume the more we get addicted to it, that’s because eating sweet sugary foods releases a chemical called dopamine. Drugs such as alcohol, nicotine or heroin send dopamine into overdrive leading some people to be addicted. Since sugar also causes dopamine to be released, though not as violently as drugs people get addicted to sugars and have vigorous sweet cravings.

Foods high in sugar won’t make you feel full because it does not contain any useful nutrients, which is why you always feel hungry even if you just ate a delicious sugary muffin half an hour ago. Since too much sugar has more negatives than positives it is advised to take sugars incorrect proportions or use alternatives such as honey, brown sugar, maple syrup, etc.

The Bottom Line

Avoid excess of sugar in food & beverages it may lead to various negative health effects likes, wain gain,  blood sugar, increased heart diseases, etc. Try to change small changes in your daily life, be healthy.