How to Try a New Style Without Permanent Commitment

New Style

It’s exciting to play around with a new style, but that doesn’t mean you want to make a full-on commitment to it. Although you may be enamored by the current influx of neon colors or the popularity of the grunge aesthetic, you may not want to wear those styles all the time. In fact, you may only want to dip your toe into the water. How do you experiment with a new style without diving in full throttle? That’s easy. Let us give you a hand.

Work with What You Have

If you want to try a new style, then it’s smart to take stock of what you have first. You may have existing items in your wardrobe that will work with your new style. That saves you from having to buy anything else right away. It also gives you plenty of time to experiment with the look to see if it works for you.

Play with Accessories

It’s surprisingly easy to incorporate a new aesthetic with the help of your accessories. For example, to go punk rock, you can begin by experimenting with combat boots and a leather or faux leather purse with plenty of studs. If you’re going for something sexy or sensual, then a trendy necklace or a new pair of earrings can help you to segue into a new style. That’s one way to make sure that this fresh aesthetic works for you without having to make any kind of commitment. After all, you can use these accessories with other styles, too.

Introduce a Few New Pieces

Since you don’t want to make a permanent commitment to a new look until you’re sure that it will flatter you, it’s important to avoid the temptation to completely reinvent your wardrobe. There’s no need to throw out all or most of your existing clothing to make space for something different. Instead, you can take it slow by introducing a few new pieces in the style that interests you.

Don’t go overboard with fads or trends. Carefully select items based on what appeals to you. If you want to play around with a mod look, purchase a new dress in the style, perhaps a sweater and skirt combo, and a new pair of shoes that fit with the look. Get to know the aesthetic, wear your new outfits a few times, then go from there.

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Choose Clothing that Mixes with Other Styles

Jumping off from the previous point, you need to take some care as you select clothing in the style you want to try. Your best bet is to buy clothes that will mix with the other styles you like. That way, even if you decide that this new style isn’t really your thing, you can still make use of the clothing you bought.

Mine the Thrift Shops

No one wants to spend a ton of money on something that might end up being a fly-by-night fad. Given that you don’t want to make a permanent wardrobe switch, it’s wise to save money where you can while still treating yourself to pieces that match this hot new aesthetic. One of the best ways to do that is to trawl the consignment shops and thrift stores. There, you can easily find blouses, trousers, and accessories that fit in with the style you want to try. For example, you can easily find retro grunge pieces at the thrift shop, as well as ‘80s power looks and low-rise jeans that come straight from the early 2000s.

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Stick to Flattering Items

No matter where you find new pieces to satisfy your style cravings, make sure that they flatter you. Clothing that looks great and fits well will never go out of style. As mentioned, you can incorporate those pieces into your wardrobe in other ways. Besides that, you get a confidence boost anytime you wear something that looks phenomenal. Never sacrifice comfort or personal style for a new look.

Keep an Eye Out for Sales

You can add new looks to your closet on-the-cheap by keeping an eye out for sales and special discounts. Bookmark the websites of your favorite shops and stores, especially those that offer pieces in the new style you’re so eager to try.

That way, you can snag new items that catch your eye without breaking your budget. Besides, while you always want to invest in quality pieces and classic basics, it’s easier to justify shopping around for inexpensive prices when you’re experimenting with your fashion choices. There’s no reason to pay a fortune for an aesthetic that you might fall out of love with over a few months.

See? You don’t have to commit to any style that strikes your fancy. There are ways to experiment without replacing your wardrobe or spending all of your money on new clothes. What do you do when you want to play around with a new aesthetic?

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