Wheat Germ Oil: Benefits & Uses For Skin, Hair Health

benefits of wheat germ oil

Have you ever heard about wheat germ oil? Do you know what the benefits of wheat germ oil are? Do you know how it’s used, and under what things it is used? If no, then this article is for you. Because with the help of this, article we are going to know various things about wheat germ oil. Some of the main points we are going to discuss in this article are-

  • Ingredients and components present in Wheat Germ oil
  • Skin benefits with its usage
  • Hair benefits
  • Health benefits
  • Special benefits
  • Conclusion

So let us start our discussion without taking much time.

Ingredients and components present in wheat germ oil-

Firstly let us discuss that from where wheat germ oil is extracted, so it is extracted from the germ of the wheat kernel. Components present in wheat germ oil are Linoleic acid(omega 6), Palmitic acid, Oleic acid, Linolenic acid(omega 3). You must not know it particularly, but wheat germ oil is present in various things you might be using daily. All those things we are going to discuss further in this article.

Amount per 100grams Wheat germ oil


Skin Benefits of Wheat Germ Oil

There are several skin benefits of wheat germ oil, let us discuss them one by one.

Get rid of Irritation

The first skin benefit that came into my mind is that those who face skin irritation problem, they should apply wheat germ oil at the part where he/she is facing the irritation problem.

Blood Flow

We face many skin problems just because of low care due to which the blood flow over that area slows down or sometimes get blocked or stopped. With the use of wheat germ oil, you will be able to provide better nourishment to your skin; hence, blood flow over that part would be enhanced.


If your skin got a cut or is cracked from somewhere, then wheat germ oil will help you in this case also. Because of it’s healing agents when you apply it over a particular area facing a problem such as cut etc., the oil can treat it within a short interval of time.

Skin Conditions

Have you ever heard about dermatitis? If no, then it’s a skin condition where you will notice high inflammation over a part of your body. With the use of wheat germ oil, you would be able to get rid of this problem quickly.


Due to antioxidants present inside the wheat germ oil, one would be able to slow down the aging process. It helps in reducing scars, wrinkles, acne, and many other skin issues.

Hair Benefits of wheat germ oil

Let us have a look at the benefits provided by wheat germ oil to hairs.

Hair loss

Those who are having a massive problem of hair loss, then they should use wheat germ oil for stopping this problem and get back your hair. This oil provided high nutrients to your scalp with the help of which the growth of new hair starts.

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If you have dandruff they can get rid off it with the use of this oil. The usage of this oil is profoundly simple as you have to massage it over the affected area, while you can also mix wheat germ oil with your conditioner for better results. There are better alternatives than wheat germ oil, but it does not have any side-effect.

Health Benefits of wheat germ oil

Let us have a look at the health benefits of wheat germ oil.

Energy level

The first health benefits of wheat germ oil is that it will help you in increasing your energy level. If you are a person who feels that he is weak or have less energy level, then you should use wheat germ oil for maintaining your energy level. You can also find wheat germ oil capsules in this case.


With the help of wheat germ oil, one can easily control their diabetes. The essential component that is found in wheat germ oil that helps in maintaining diabetes of a person is magnesium.

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This is the best benefit I think I found till now, and that is you can control your obesity with the use of wheat germ oil. Usage of this oil will ultimately boost your metabolism, which will help in decreasing your obesity level.

Good for Heart

The next health benefits of wheat germ oil is not connected with heart, where else it’s about the heart. With the usage of wheat, germ oil improves the heart of your health. This is possible because of the presence of the components such as omega 3 and omega-six fatty acids.

Memory loss

With the help of nutrients present in wheat germ oil, brainpower is boosted. Those who are facing some problems in remembering things or facing issues of memory loss they should use wheat germ oil for the cure.

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Let us have a look at the end of this article, in this article we came to know about Wheat germ oil, and we discussed various benefits such as skin benefits, hair benefits and health benefits of wheat germ oil. In which we explained that wheat germ oil is good for heart, memory loss, decreasing obesity, and curing diabetic issues.

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