A Spa at Home: 6 Tips for Designing Your Bathroom

Spa at home bathroom

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long week and taking a relaxing bath to unwind, but what if you could enhance this experience with your very own at-home spa? By using things like calming colors and soft towels, you can incorporate spa-like features into your bathroom, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Remove All the Clutter

The first step to creating a calming space is decluttering. After all, your mind will find it difficult to relax if there’s too much chaos in the room. Start by throwing out any unused products that have passed their expiry date. Then, if there are items you need but don’t use often, store them away in a cabinet. When it comes to visible surfaces, you should only store products and items you use every day.

Install New Fixtures

You don’t have to rip out and replace every fixture in your bathroom, but you might benefit from making a few changes. For example, if your bathroom sink is too basic, you may wish to upgrade to a more stylish option. Additionally, if you’ve got a simple round showerhead, you may want to swap it out for a rain-style head more reminiscent of a spa.

Use Natural Colors

There’s nothing more tranquil than reconnecting with nature, which is why you should use natural colors and decor – think cream and light greens. One of the easiest ways you can bring nature into the bathroom is by introducing plants, which will help add to the calming feel of the room. There are plenty of plants that are perfect for bathrooms because they love humid conditions, but you can always opt for fake plants if you’d prefer.

Upgrading Your Toiletries

When you visit a spa, you get to use some of the best toiletries around, and they all look aesthetic. Bring some of these vibes into your own bathroom by upgrading your toiletries. If your go-to products don’t come in classy packaging, you can decant them into elegant glass jars, which will fit beautifully on your shelving unit.

Let There Be Enough Lighting

There’s one thing that spas are not, and that’s dark. With this in mind, you should try and maximize the natural light in your bathroom as much as possible. An easy and affordable way to do this is by using mirrors, which will help reflect light and make the room feel larger.

If your bathroom isn’t large enough to accommodate a mirror that will do this justice, you can introduce brighter bulbs to the bathroom, which can help improve the overall mood in the room.

Store Plush Towels

To wrap things up in your new spa-like bathroom, you will have to stock soft towels and robes, which are a key feature of all spa days. Bamboo or cotton towels are fantastic for this because they’re built to last and will absorb any moisture fast.

If you want to get more relaxation out of your bathroom, then look no further than the above tips, which will help you achieve that much-desired spa feel.

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