A Guide to the Incredible Health Benefits of Watermelon

Health Benefits of Watermelon

The health benefits of watermelon are incredible. Discussing this fruit during summers is a considerable plan. Think of spending a rough day under the scorching sun just to return home for a bowl of chopped watermelon. Besides delighting your savors, this diet will also keep you healthy throughout the season.

But how?

Watermelon is a refreshing and delicious summer fruit. According to the healthline, it is one of the water-rich foods and contains 92% of water content. It is rich in nutrients and contains plenty of antioxidants.

One cup of watermelons provides 46 calories, which makes it a low-calorie fruit. Also, it comprises of vitamin A, B6, and C in every bite. You can enjoy it to intake lycopene, amino acids, and a modest quantity of potassium.

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You can use online coupon codes from recognized grocery stores to buy it during the peak season. The fruit is originated from South Africa and is available in varieties. You can find sweet, bitter, and bland watermelons from the market in summers.

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Regardless of taste and sweetness, there are incredible health benefits of watermelons. Look below for the surprising ones and enjoy it.

It Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Watermelons are rich in lycopene as per their appetizing red color. The shade of this fruit defines its content percentage of this antioxidant. As per medical experts, this element helps aid the risk of cancer and diabetes in a person.

Moreover, it is a summer fruit with the highest amount of lycopene in comparison with other fruits and vegetables. Remember, the redder ones are richer in benefits. Also, try to intake seedless watermelons for fighting cancer.

It Maintains Your Heart Health

Reports from PubMed explain, watermelons to be rich in the non-essential amino acid citrulline. It helps boost up the nitric oxide levels in a human body. As a result, your blood vessels expand and lowers blood pressure.

Also, it reduces the risk of heart attacks in an individual. Moreover, the presence of lycopene lowers the amount of cholesterol and prevents any oxidative damage. This amino acid is an evident way to get over the stiffness and thickness of the arteries.

The additional nutrients in watermelon like vitamins, magnesium, and potassium also help maintain heart health.

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It Improves Athletic Performance

The health benefits of watermelon include the protection of the bones and joints. A study from PubMed in 2015 explains the presence of citrulline in watermelons. According to it, the antioxidant is helpful in enhancing the exercise performance of an individual.

Moreover, the enrichment of vitamin C in this fruit strengthens bones and improves healing. Also, watermelons provide vitamin A in every bite and boost the rate of bone growth. Lycopene here is another beneficial component to protect an individual from fractures and osteoporosis.

It Hydrates Every Cell of the Body

One of the most obvious and popular health benefits of watermelon is hydration. It is a water-rich fruit, as discussed above. With 92% of the water in this summer fruit, its intake can help you stay hydrated.

It is also a natural source of water; therefore, you can enjoy it to increase urination without affecting your kidneys. While water is necessary for every cell in your body, watermelons are incredible. Interestingly, the juice of this fruit is rich in electrolytes, which protects you from heart strokes.

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It Provides Soothing Skin Benefits

Watermelon is full of rich in vitamins A and C. Both of these are beneficial for your skin. The presence of vitamin C increases the production of collagen. It is a protein that helps keep your skin supple. Also, it helps in wound healing and improves immune function. The presence of this vitamin prevents aging too.

On the other hand, vitamin A results in repairing skin cells and prevents dryness. The presence of lycopene and beta-carotene add to the health benefits of watermelon. These offer protection from sunburn. Vitamin B6 provides an evident treatment for skin conditions like vitiligo and psoriasis.

It Improves the Rate of Digestion

The high percentage of water in this summer fruit helps aid digestion. It has a small quantity of fiber, which helps in digestion too. Also, these supplements in the fruit prevent constipation and boost up bowel movements in the human body.

Moreover, it is an obvious way to keep you regular and help the digestive tract move effectively. Watermelon is a sweet, soft, and fleshy fruit; therefore, you can intake it for controlling an inflammatory gut.

It Lowers the Risk of Inflammation

As discussed above, the health benefits of watermelon include its anti-inflammatory properties. According to medical experts, lycopene is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant. It combines with vitamin C and helps an individual overcome oxidative stress. Preventing inflammation aids in fighting numerous chronic diseases.

Additionally, lycopene is considered as one of the best carotenoids in the fruit. It serves as an essential reason for fighting inflammation in the human body. Another carotenoid in watermelons in beta-carotene which boosts up this process.

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It Helps Prevent Macular Degeneration

A single cup of watermelon provides you 43 micrograms of vitamin A. This vitamin also serves as an effective way to keep your eyes healthy. You will be astonished to know that lycopene acts as a savoring way to maintain eye health.

According to experts, lycopene is an antioxidant that reduces the risk of degenerative macular ailments in the human body. Among these diseases, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the most common eye conditions. It causes blindness in older people.

More about the Health Benefits of Watermelon

These are some of the most popular health benefits of watermelon. You can find a myriad of summer fruits benefits for hair, skin, and beauty. Nonetheless, it is necessary to understand that excess of anything can be dangerous.

Therefore, try to take an adequate amount of watermelon in your diet. Do not exceed its use as it can result in several health risks. Individuals with diabetes may try not to eat the fruit regularly as it is natural sugar content.

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