Best Ways to Get Clear Skin

How to get clear skin

Why everyone needs beauty, Is it a dire necessity?? Of course, it adds colours to our life. It is not just a matter about looking but it is about building self-confidence. Beauty increases our self-confidence.

Let us have discussed some ins and outs on BEAUTY, we go all we want is refulgent skin but it is no cakewalk, it becomes easy only when you follow consistently.

To maintain skin which acne-free and clear glass. The most impressive and important thing is taking care of your skin by making sure that you spare some time by adding it in your daily calendar log. It is not only getting about clear skin but also finding the right treatment for our skin to get rid off our dark circles, acne, dark marks on face. In the present scenario, everyone is looking for a transparent skin. To get unclouded face to follow these lines.

To get the best results like alluring skin, primarily we have to know about our skin type. “Some get sweat, some get hurt easily, everyone has different skin type”. Our skin types are mainly classified as oily skin, dry skin. normal skin, combination skin.

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Oily Skin Type:

Oily skin type has a major problem of acne breakout. So to get rid off of this problem the best solution from home is lemon juice. Use this as a face mask twice or thrice in a week. This helps to get off oily acne.

A pimple is a combination of dead cells and excess sebum extracted from the skin pores. Pimples are also known as acne. Some type of bacteria results in worse acne. The most areas affected by the acnes are a face, neck where more secretion of oil glands may take place. So to avoid all these problems of acne, this article will give better insights.

For oily skin, implement the following:

  • Wipeout your face with a cleansing oil, it cleans oil break down, use sea buckthorn oil for better result.
  • Limit the number of times of washing your face to twice a day, scrub your face gently with moisture cleaning.
  • Moisturize your skin using zero fragrance cleaner.
  • Always maintain hydrated skin.
  • Use green tea toners, which contains polyphenols to control inflammation sebum and bacteria.

Dry Type Skin:

Dry skin which contains roughness and scales. This dry skin contains less amount of the oil. In case of further extent, it may fall under the disease called eczema. A small daily practice can help to look gorgeous and glass type of skin.

To obtain glass skin, apply the following:

  • Hot baths and showers strip your skin from moisture.
  • Limit the shower time to 10 min or 15 min, use warm steam for the face.
  • Use almond oil, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, coconut oil before bath and moisture cream after bath.
  • Use moisture creams and fairness creams products which are labeled with hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. (Use Himalayan herbal face wash and clean foam face wash)

Combination and Normal Type Skin:

For combination and normal skin use stream face massage and exfoliate it with washcloth which is soaked in hot water and use a charcoal face mask for a clear and clean face. To protect our skin from dust and pollution, this face mask removes the tan and improves our color, simply it works as a whitening agent. Apply facial essence of two-layer moisturizer which helps in conditioning our skin and it smoothens our skin. A silk glow appearance on the face.

There is a well-known phrase which can be attributed to this context, “Every coin has two faces”. We need to maintain external and internal part of our skin by taking a perfect diet with a decent amount of tips. By this, we can get glass type of skin.

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Balanced diet to be followed for healthy & clear skin:

  • Providing an adequate amount of nutrients in the food for obtaining healthy skin. Few simple tips can make our life more beautiful with charming face and sparkling smile. We need to tune our food habits, including vegetables and fruits in your daily diet plan.
  • Start your day with warm water with one tablespoon of honey or drink lemon water with a spoon of honey.
  • Avoid junk food, which contains more fat, this leads to oily acne which leaves dark marks on face.
  • Mostly, prefer fresh fruits and take more leafy vegetables by including green chillies in our diet. It ameliorates and refulgent our skin by giving a flawless finish.
  • Take antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. Have fatty fish, salmon Markel and herring, this is the best food for healthy glowing clear skin.
  • Use sunflower seeds which contain monounsaturated, saturated and poly saturated fats. These fats are very healthy for our skin, it ameliorates our face glow.
  • The sweet potatoes are dicotyledonous plant fruit, take these plant fruits and roots along with leaves which gives a major change in our routine life. It enhances our color and makes the skin brighter.
  • Take fruits which are rich in c vitamin, like orange, this vitamin acts as the agent for skin whitening.
  • The food which contains soda pop and other high sugar beavers must be avoided because they may cause damage to our connective tissue which cause a great loss in skin firm.
  • Say no to alcohol, fried foods, candies, salty snacks for healthy skin.

Healthy hydrated cells act as a key to ageless skin and healthy body !!