5 Best Ways To Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Get Rid Of unwanted hair

Beauty, it is the combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. Does it matter only about beauty? No, it has to pay-off in our self-confidence too. But our beauty gets blight for many reasons. But the major inadequacy is the growth of unwanted hair. It doesn’t lead to any health problems. By this removal of external hair, one can increase there confidence with a clear, smooth hairless skin.

A lot of people wish they could get rid of unwanted hair by natural methods. Most people don’t prefer manufactured creams or hair removal devices. Having more hair on the skin can lead to the sweaty body and also unpleasant odor from the body. Getting rid of unwanted hair became a nightmare for many of the people. Now let us find some of the solutions for this issue.

There are several ways to get rid of unwanted hair, but we preferred the natural methods which are following from several years by our parents and grandparents.

Let us have a Took Through these Natural Remedies.

Remedy 1: Lemon and Sugar

Take lemon and sugar. Mix lemon juice and sugar in equal quantities. Mix water to this solution four times greater than lemon juice added. Now, take this mixture into a bowl and let the stove on flame and start the heating of this mixture, until the bubbles get appear. Let it cool. Apply the mixture where u want to get rid of unwanted hair. Now let it stay on your body up to 30 to 40 minutes of time and rinse it off with cool water, rubbing in a circular motion.

Because sugar is a natural exfoliating agent and warm sugar sticks to the hair but not to the skin, so that you can get pain free treatment. Lemon juice works as a bleaching agent for hair. And also helps in skin lighting. This may give you the best result and charming skin without hair.

Remedy 2: Papaya

 To scoop out the papaya’s flesh, use a tablespoon and collect these flesh in a bowl. Now let the half spoon of turmeric powder added to this papaya’s flesh. and mix them well as a thick paste. Use a brush, or use fingers to apply this paste thoroughly on your body where you want to get rid of unwanted hair. Now allow the paste to stay for 15 minutes. And wash it off with warm water.

Because of papaya contains an enzyme called Spain, which prevents the regrowing of hair.

Note: repeat this for twice or thrice in a month, with regular intervals.

 Remedy 3: Sugar & Honey

 Take two tablespoons of sugar into a bowl, add one tablespoon of honey and water. Mix them all together as a paste. Place the mixture in the microwave for 30 seconds. Or u can heat the mixture in a double boiler on the stove. Make sure that sugar dissolves completely and mixed in the liquid. You will end up with a thick,  waxy substance. Use a spatula or wax application to stir the wax. Apply this was on the face. Place a wax strip of cotton cloth over the freshly applied wax, let it cool and pull out the strip.

This will help you in getting out the facial hair. Repeat this method until your face is free of facial hair. If the mixture gets cooled heat it for 10 seconds and reuse.

Remedy 4: Sugar and Egg white

Take a tablespoon of corn starch, sugar, and egg white. Mix them perfectly as a paste, apply this mixture on the face and let dry it. Now peel it off. By this, we can get rid of facial hair.

Egg white is sticky and forms a thin film on the skin when combined with sugar and cornstarch. Egg white contains vitamin A. This method is not useful for acne-prone skin.

Remedy 5: Lemon & Honey

Take two tablespoons of sugar and lemon juice, one tablespoon of honey. Heat this mixture for five minutes. Now add a little amount of water to make the mixture thinner. Cool the mixture completely. Then apply this as a mask on to the face in the direction of hair growth. Now take a waxing strip or cotton cloth and pull the hair out in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Honey moisture the skin and lemon juice work as a natural bleach for the skin. Sugar is a natural exfoliating agent and warm sugar sticks to hair and not to skin.

In this way, one can avoid painful facial waxing.


These are the topmost 5 remedies which we can use in our regular basis. This shows a wide range of impact and increases your confidence levels and makes your life more beautiful with hairless silky smooth skin. This remedies can also useful for removal of facial unwanted hair.

Make yourself more beautiful and confident, with the removal of unwanted hair by natural ancient methods.

Life is full of beauty. Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself.