A Complete Guide for Buying the Best Makeup Brushes

Buying the Best Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are an integral part of applying cosmetics to your face, so they don’t need any introduction. Different makeup techniques such as highlighting, contouring, shading, and blushing require a different type of brush. Being a girl, or a makeup artist, you must be familiar with the varied types of makeup brushes. Since you can’t apply the whole make up with a single brush, buying the best makeup brushes is the key to ensure a gorgeous makeup. Thus, investing on soft, long-lasting, and high-quality makeup brushes is a wise idea. What’s more, it’s the right choice of makeup brushes that differentiate a flawless and clown-looking makeup.

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A Quick Glance on the Innovative Makeup products

A report from statistics has shown that the global makeup industry is booming with a rise of 5.5% as compared to the previous year’s sales. Another research from Global Cosmetics magazine has found that cosmetics is generating around $230 billion in sales each year worldwide. Seeing such statistics, it’s clear that women need makeup even if they are on a tight budget.

 What You Need to Know Before Buying Makeup Brushes?

According to the well-known bloggers, makeup artists, and other makeup pros, “Knowing the qualities and features of makeup brushes before buying them is essential to ensure flawless makeup”.

To help you buy the best makeup brushes, this precise and informative guide discusses the most common types of makeup brushes. These brushes make applying makeup products super easy and comfortable. What’s more, you can easily buy them at best prices from any reputable online shopping stores. Let’s take a look at them to buy the best brush for you.

Types of Makeup Brushes and How to Use Them?

There are various types of makeup brushes on the basis of different products and applying techniques. For instance foundation brush is used to apply the base, while eyes brushes are used to apply eyeliner, eye shadows and so on. If you are wondering which types of makeup brushes you must have on your makeup kit, here is a list of the most commonly used makeup brushes.

Makeup Brushes for Eyes

These are indeed one of the necessary tools you need to apply your eyes makeup easily and perfectly. With eye brushes, you can give your eyes a professional look. Eyes makeup brushes mainly compromise of eyeliner brush, eyelash brush, and eye shadow brushes, etc.

1.Eye shadow Brush

This brush makes it easy for you to apply the eyeshades on your eye skin. While choosing an eye shadow brush, opt for the densely bristled, soft, and short-haired brush. You feel silky while touching your eyes’ skin with it.

2. Eyeliner Brush

With this brush, you can apply the liquid eyeliner over your eyelashes equally. Buy an eyeliner brush that is made with synthetic bristles and with a slanted angle. You can also this brush for your eyebrows.

3. Eyelash Brush

The brush usually comes in cactus shape that makes your eyelashes more prominent and bigger. When you use this brush over your lashes, you don’t need to put any fake lashes at all.

Face Makeup Brushes

To cover all the unwanted spots and flaws from your face, you need to blend all your face makeup properly. This can be done by using the right makeup brush that can perfectly blend all the makeup from your face.

Here are some of the most used face makeup brushes:

1. Foundation Brush

Usually, the largest size brush among all the makeup brushes, the foundation brush is used to apply and blend the foundation on your skin evenly. These brushes are necessary to get a gorgeous look with an equally blended foundation. When choosing to buy a foundation brush, opt for the one with synthetic and natural hair.

2. Powder Brush

It’s okay if you blend your powder with the help of a puff, but a soft and large brush is a must-buy thing to endure a radiant finishing. Focus on buying a medium-sized powder brush having a slight rounded shaped head to easily apply the powder.

3. Blush Brush

Applying blusher on your face rightly is one of the most charming additions in your overall face makeup. So, investing in the best blush brush should be your highest investment. Always opt for buying a round fluffy, natural-haired, and long-handled brush to highlight your cheeks flawlessly.

Lips Makeup Brush

Most people often ignore buying the lip makeup brush and directly apply the lipstick at all. However, you also need to properly blend your lipstick to avoid improper outline and uneven shades.

Points to Remember While Buying the Best Makeup Brushes

  • Whenever, you choose a makeup brush for you, rub it upon your hand or skin, to ensure its best for you.
  • If you feel the bristles soft, buy the brush immediately.
  • Don’t spend your money on buying a brush with hard and rough bristles as it can never blend the products smoothly.
  • While rubbing the brush on your skin, focus on its sturdiness, and check if any of its fibers are falling. If so, don’t buy it.
  • A great quality makeup brush will be your long-lasting companion that means you can save your money that could be spent on buying a new one.
  • Don’t forget to check the handles of a brush are comfortable while applying the makeup to your face. If you don’t find them easy to hold, never buy them.
  • The last step of buying the best makeup brushes is to know their manufacturing quality and make sure that the brand is reliable.

In a Nutshell

With proper care and handling, you can increase the life span of your makeup brushes for sure. Don’t forget to test the brush a few times on your hand before buying them to ensure the bristles are soft. Also, check the grip of its handle. Ditch any brush if don’t feel comfortable while holding it. Remember, the only way to apply the makeup perfectly and flawlessly is possible with buying the best makeup brushes. So, pay extra attention while choosing makeup brushes, dig into their reviews, and settle on the ones that are best fit for you.

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