How to Pluck a Wig – A Beginner’s Guide

How to Pluck A Wig

Over the years, hairstylists are consistently using plucked human hair wigs to get an organic hair look. Besides, it is still the leading choice of hair wigs today and is used widely by fashion lovers.

Among plenty of available options, one of the most popular ones is the pre-plucked lace frontal wigs. A lace wig is renowned to get a natural look. A majority of pre-plucked lace front wigs carry thin hairlines, offering the natural hairline impression.

Why Plucking

Pre-plucked hair wigs let you grab a natural-looking hairline. In a plucked lace wig, like the hair wig, the density on the top is lower. Unequal length of hair is always susceptible to grow around the hairline, which is a symbol of organic hair growth.

Therefore, to have an entirely realistic look, the wig or the hairpiece should be plucked to provide that same look and produce a seamless hairline. Pre-plucked hair wigs don’t have this issue.

However, for a non-pre-plucked, you need a manual plucking on the wig. How?

In this blog guide, you will learn how to pluck a lace wig yourself.

How to Pluck a Lace Wig – DIY?

If you don’t carry a pre-plucked wig, below are a few simple personalization steps that can aid you in achieving your desired look.

Things You Will need:

A lunas cap that comes with Mousse, combs and adjustable straps, canvas hair, a mannequin, and coconut oil.

Step 1

This step is optional and it’s completely your preference. This teaches you how to bleach the knots for making them invisible. As a result, the hair wigs will look extra natural. To begin with, remove the comb present in the center.

This process helps the hair for flat laying. Bleach the knots, which are the little dots at the cap’s base, where the human hair is attached. Take bleach powder (two scoops), a 30-40 developer as per your preference. The developer’s preferred consistency is thick, as it must not seep into the hair. Make sure to delicately apply the above hair concoction and not to apply extra pressure to let the bleach sink into the hair.

Step 2

To get the result from the 1st step, maintain the bleach on hair to sit for a minimum of 30-45 minutes. Next up, proceed to shampoo the cap where the knot has been bleached. Let it there for 3-4 minutes before washing.

Note that: Hair knots’ bleaching can improve the natural look of the wig; however, we recommend you to go to the expert for applying some foundation inside the lace rather than bleaching them. Extra bleaching can cause massive hair loss.

Step 3:

This is the actual process of plucking. It involves hair placement on the mannequin and kicking-off hairline customization. When your wig is pre-plucked, you don’t need to go for more plucking. However, if you don’t like it, make sure to cut-off the “baby” hair before proceeding.

Please take a bit of a mousse and begin applying it besides the hairline. The application of a curling wand will help to push back the hair. The Mousse aids the hair look a bit tacky, making it easier to tweeze.

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Step 4

Make certain to dry the hair in the wake of finishing 3rd step. Drying makes it simpler to perceive how the hairline sees this point. Apply a tad of coconut oil to the hair. Get a couple of the best tweezers you have accessible as the nature of tweezers directly affects the yield. Start at the front of the hairline and begin tweezing to eliminate any bunches of hair that didn’t break appropriately. Separate the hair and return into the hairline to start tweezing. Tweezing just the front doesn’t eliminate any additional hair that may add to the mass, and the last look would be undermined.

Carefully tweeze and don’t concentrate on one area for long.

Step 5:

Now section out some more hair. Pluck off some hair sections that are less thin compared to the other parts. It generates a gradation effect along with the hairline. The frontals start appearing more natural.

Step 6:

After ending the natural hairline creation, recreate baby hair that will look natural compared to the ones that are attached to the wig. Now hairline will look extraordinarily natural and your wig is now ready to wear.

How to Pluck hair lace Closures or Lace Frontal Wigs, Not the Wig?

Lace closure and lace are similar. They are used to mimic one’s whole front hairline. It is normally 13-inches wide and 4-6” deep. While lace closures are in a rectangular or square shape. It has changed the weave game completely. Now you do not need to worry about placing lace closure behind the hairline. After following the below-mentioned simple steps, anyone can effectively pluck the lace frontal wigs.

Step 1:

Note your existing hairline attached with a ponytail, to remember them as your guide later on. Lay the lace front against the mannequin head. After pulling the lace frontal into a ponytail, compare it with your hairline.

Step 2

Make a thin parting hairline just like the photos. Make sure not to part too thick or lose too much hair.

Step 3

Clip away the remaining hair, after which, pluck the excess hair. This step requires some time for the desired results. Once your hairline is outlined, it’s time to achieve a gradual density.

Step 4:

Now section out some hair. The width can be inconsistent. Start plucking out some hair, and the density must be thinner.

Step 5:

Now section out some more hair. However, pluck some hair off the sections this time that are less thin compared to the other parts. It generates a gradation effect along with the hairline. The frontals will now look more natural.

Step 6

The last stage includes verifying whether any territory of the hairpiece looks denser than different parts and cutting the abundant hair. Follow this progression to guarantee that the output remains as organic and real when an individual wears it. You can utilize a mannequin to perceive how the hairline has framed, prior to wearing the wig.

Wrap Up

Through the steps mentioned above, you can grab the natural-looking lace frontal as per your desire. Most commercial hair wigs come pre-plucked or pre-styled, which might not be suitable for you. For beginners, the above steps would enable them to pluck a wig in a safe, yet stylish manner without anyone’s help.

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