8 Types of Cakes to Make You Crave for More

Types of Cakes to Make You Crave

Cake’s love affair with the European aristocrats has a long history. Marie Antoinette’s quote, “Let them eat cake,” can vouch for it. But it has now permeated across strata. Today, the baking industry fetches over $30 billion each year in the US. A major part comes from the wholesale cake supplies. Traditional tastes always tickle the taste buds. Innovations help in increasing the fan base.

Types to Make You Fall in Love

Some like to stick to their choices. Some prefer exploring. Going for mix and match and settling for bizarre, yet delightful tastes are becoming the trend. But, you cannot explore all. That is why we have used some parameters to make a list of the best.

The list has all that you can easily find or bake. Some are, as simple as, baking cake with Pillsbury cake mix.

Here are the 8 best that you can have to gratify your craving for desserts.

Butter Cake

The butter cake is the simplest form of cake. A traditional one that just takes the basic ingredients. But the result is often mind-blowing.

  • The basic ingredients are flour, butter, and sugar
  • It gets its fluffiness from proper battering and mixture of egg
  • You can adjust ingredients to create fluffiness as you want
  • These cakes are soft and rich in taste when they are hot.

Pound Cake

It is a British form of the bakery. Its measurement technique gives it the name—a pound each of butter, flour, sugar, and eggs.

  • Some recipes have egg whites as leavener
  • In some, baking soda acts as leavener
  • You will find these often as lightly-flavored
  • As for a topping, simple glazing or water icing works well
  • As variations, coffee cakes, sour cream cakes, and fruit crumb cakes are popular

Sponge Cake

Some say sponge cake is a product of the Spanish Renaissance. Some roots for English. But, if you love the texture, this will win your heart.

  • It has a spongy effect from which it derives its name
  • Egg whites create this spongy effect
  • The process includes no baking soda
  • Foam cake is its other name
  • These cakes are mostly thin and crispy
  • The basic ingredients are egg, sugar, and flour
  • In France and Italy, this cake has a different name, Genoise cake.
  • It is airy and light. The process includes the beating of air into the egg yolks and egg whites

Angel Food Cake

Did you know that you can bake cakes without egg yolks? Yes, angel food cake is that odd one out of the league. But this makes it a great choice if you have some dietary limitations.

  • To bake it, you just have to whip the egg whites with sugar
  • Then just fold in the flour
  • As a result, the batter will get a snowy-white, airy texture
  • This one is perfect with fruits
  • It is slightly chewy for the sugar content
  • If you like some fat-free cakes, then go for it. It has no butter

Chiffon Cake

Legends say that Harry Baker made Brown Derby Restaurant famous among Hollywood top shots just by selling this cake. Later, he sold it to General Mills. His rise has the perfect recipe for the Great American Dream.

  • It is a cross between an oil and a sponge cake
  • You can do it by separating egg whites
  • Then just beat it and add it back to the fold of the batter
  • The crumb is tender, and it has rich-oily texture

Unbaked Flourless Cake

You can raise your eyebrows at first. Is it really possible to do without flour? But, just taste it without doubts. You will give it a thumbs-up. The icebox cake is a common variation.

  • Its molding requires a dessert pan or a springform pan
  • Just you have to chill the mold before you unmold it
  • The bottom is often a crust with sponge cake or mousse to form the layers
  • For a better texture try alternating layers of biscuit cake and Genoise
  • Mousse cakes and unbaked cheesecakes are popular types

Carrot Cake

This cake has a healthy mix of batter and carrot for a different type of taste and texture. Recent innovations add a white frosting on the top to give it an appeal.

  • The leavening practice is just like the normal butter cake
  • But instead of butter, the process includes canola oil or vegetable oil
  • To bake it, whip egg and sugar first and then add vegetable oil
  • It became popular as a part of a British soldier’s ration during the Second World War

Red Velvet Cake

Yes, it is difficult to take your eyes off it. And, your fingers too, once you taste it. Red velvet cake adorns the showcase of any cake shop across the world. The wholesale cake supplies make much profit from it.

  • The anthocyanin-rich cocoa give it the rich red or crimson color
  • Its modern baking process includes food coloring
  • Ermine icing or white cream cheese form the differentiating layers
  • Vegetable oil replaces butter in it
  • Make it more alluring with raspberry filling and berry topping

Some Things from Statistics

We understand that for you, fresh cakes are the best options. 65% of Americans prefer in-store fresh cakes. If you go to your local wholesale bakery, you will find these cakes as common daily items. This is because they are easy to bake.

In the US, almost 2.1% of the GDP comes from the bakery industry each year. It is not just for the blooming cakes shops. People also prefer baking it. Consumption of ingredients by different homes is also contributing much to the total revenue.


Some will say baking cake is an art. Yes, if you want to add fondue and do some decorations, it is. But for the homely ones, it is not a big fuss. With something like the Pillsbury cake mix, it becomes easier. So, just find some time to bake or run to your nearest store and renew your love for cakes.

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