Top 10 Delectable and Healthy Cakes That Can Enhance Special Occasions

Healthy cakes

Cakes are the prime attraction in any celebration. There are many healthy cakes designs and flavors available that can brighten up special occasions. If you think cakes that are made with nutrient-rich ingredients are only to satisfy the taste buds of health freaks, then you are wrong.

There is a wide array of nutrient-rich cakes that are made with stunning designs that can enhance any special occasion.

As you read on, explore some of the top, delectable, and healthy cakes that can enhance celebrations and satisfy the taste buds of health-conscious people. So, let’s take a look at these stunningly designed healthy cakes that can be ordered online with convenient delivery options.

10 Best Healthy Cakes For Any Occasions

Eggless Chocolate Cake

Eggless chocolate cake is an attention grabber and can charm anyone with its scintillating look. This cake is made in a round shape with a chocolate-flavored sponge and glazed with chocolate cream all over the cake.

Also, it is decorated with creamy swirls all around the base and red cherries and chocolate shards on the top of the cake. Cherries and chocolates are good for heart health, and because it is eggless, vegetarians will also be able to enjoy this cake.

Eggless Red Velvet Fruit Cake

Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, this eggless red velvet fruit cake can be a perfect centerpiece for the celebration. This cake is made in a round shape with red velvet flavor and topped with fresh fruit slices like grapes, apples, oranges, and more. This cake is also adorned with red velvet crumbs all around the base and top of the cake, giving it a dazzling look.

Chocolate Fruit Cake

Chocolate fruit cake is one of the best options to satisfy the sweet craving of health freaks and glitter celebrations. This cake is made in a round shape with chocolate flavor and adorned with chocolate swirls and shards on the sides of the cake. It is topped with layers of fresh fruit slices, giving it a mouth-watering feel and stunning look.

Anniversary Love Cake

Anniversary love cake is a masterpiece creation that comes with an eye-pleasing look. This cake is made in a round shape whose flavor can be personalized, and it is glazed with white whipped cream.

The cake has ‘love’ written on the top, which is adorned with a little red heart made of fondant, making it one of the best cakes for anniversary celebrations. Ordering it will not only enhance your celebration but can also strengthen your relationship with your partner.

Designer Rose Blossom Cake

Designer rose blossom cake is a two-tier cream cake that can be the perfect centerpiece for wedding and anniversary celebrations. The flavor and designs of these beautiful anniversary cakes can be customized to your preferred choice. This pink-toned cake is decorated with intricate cream roses, giving it a luxurious look, and it is as delicious as it looks.

Chocolate Caramel Cake

Chocolate caramel cake is one of the perfect options to enhance special occasions. This round-shaped cake is made with a chocolate sponge, and half of the cake is decorated with white chocolate swirls on the top and around the base. The other half of the cake is glazed with caramel creams and topped with chocolate rings. Caramel is known to improve digestion and boost the immune system.

Vegan Pineapple Cake

Vegan pineapple cake is made with pineapple flavor, and it can be one of the best treats for vegan lovers. This round-shaped cake is covered in whipped buttercream and adorned with swirls around the top of the cake. The cake is also topped with fresh pineapple slices and chocolate flowers, giving it an amazing look.

Micky Mouse Poster Cake

Micky Mouse poster cake is one of the best options to celebrate your kid’s birthday. This cake is made in a round shape and adorned with pink swirls around the base. This cake is topped with a poster of Micky Mouse, which is made from a sugar sheet. Also, the flavor of this cake can be personalized to your kid’s choice.

Black Forest Fantasy

Delight everyone and glitter celebrations with this black forest fantasy cake that is made with a chocolate sponge that is layered with vanilla cream. This round-shaped cake is coated with chocolate cream on the top, which drips from the sides, giving it a mouth-watering feel. Also, it is topped with white swirls and red cherries, giving it an awesome look.

Tropical Mango Cake

Tropical mango cake is made in a round shape with a vanilla sponge filled with mango filling. This cake is glazed with mango jelly on the top and adorned with white chocolate shards and red cherry, giving it an eye-pleasing look. Also, crushed almonds are pasted around the sides of the cake, giving it a more adorable look.


Cakes are one of the most needed things to celebrate any special occasion. There are many cake flavors and designs available that are made keeping different kinds of people in mind. For your convenience, we have suggested delectable and healthy cakes you can order for Friendship day that can enhance your special occasions, From eggless chocolate cake to tropical mango cake, there are many options from which you can choose the perfect one to impress any health freak and enhance celebrations.

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