12 Different Saree Draping Styles

12 Different Saree Draping Styles

There are a number of styles in which a saree can be draped. Some are the traditional styles and some are the modern styles. As it is one of the most admired attire, it should be paired in some unique ways so that you can get a minimalistic look whenever you wear it. There are some styles that make you look slim and tall and some of them are best for weddings. For festivals and auspicious functions traditional draping is more favorable.

So let’s check out some of the saree draping styles that will help you to choose the most desirable one for yourself.

Nivi Style

It is the most common and basic pleated drape of saree that gives a slimmer look to the wearer when draped in a properly fitted style. It is the most common drape for those who wear saree on a daily basis. The ones who are slim and tall or those who want to look slim and tall can opt for this style and get a flawless look.

Around the Neck Style

For a modern appeal you can wear the pallu around the neck. Drape the saree is the regular pleated style and rather than tucking the pallu on the shoulder drape it around the neck. Wearing a designer blouse or a crop top with this style will give an adoring look. Blouse with a sweetheart neck and sleeveless pattern or a halter neck blouse looks gorgeous with this drape.

Dhoti Style

Draping the saree in a dhoti style pattern will give you a chic look. It is a fusion of traditional and modern wear. Rather than pleats at the bottom the saree is draped in dhoti style and the pallu is tucked up on the shoulder by making several pleats. It is one of the interesting saree draping styles that will make you look a perfect fashionista at parties and events.

Lehenga Style

Another one that will give you a glamorous look is the lehenga style saree. This one has no pleats and is flary like a lehenga. Saree with broad borders and light fabric are more preferable for this style. They are one of the best drapes for weddings that will give you a combination of saree and lehenga look at the same time.

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Bengali Style

When we talk about traditional draping styles then the first one that strikes our mind is the Bengali style. The white silk saree with red borders paired with a short sleeves plain red blouse is an eye-catcher. The Bengal handloom sarees are worn by Bengali women on a regular basis. Some traditional jewelry paired with them gives it an awesome look.

Gujarati Style

The Gujarati draping style and garba are famous worldwide. It includes seedha pallu rather than the regular pallu. A beautiful multicolor bandhani saree having broad borders and some tiny embellishments all over it looks great at festivals and special occasions. Pairing it with a matching blouse gives an effective look to the wearer.

Nauvari Style

The Maharashtrian style saree is nine meters long and is worn on special occasions and festivals especially at Ganesh Chaturthi. This beautiful silk saree has some traditional designs and motifs that look ravishing while worn and gives an alluring look. The drape is similar to dhoti style and is worn along with pleated pallu and some traditional accessories.

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Retro Style

Wearing something ethnic and retro can make you the limelight of the occasion. The retro style got famous due to Mumtaz. The orange saree that she wore in the movie Brahmachari. The saree is draped without pleats and nowadays the readymade ones are also available that look stunning when paired with a sleeveless blouse and some petty jewelry.

Belt Style

The modish belt style saree includes a beautiful belt that is draped on the saree gives the wearer a diva look. It can be a metallic belt, floral belt or pearl belt that can be matched with a contrast color saree or a matching saree. Pairing a plain saree with a shimmery golden or silver metallic belt gives a graceful look to the wearer.

Basic Drape with Open Pallu

The most amazing and simple style of draping the saree is a basic drape with open pallu. It gives a  tall and slim look to the wearer. Draping it with proper pleats and fittings paired with a matching blouse gives a pretty look. The saree having beautiful and heavily embroidered pallu looks more amazing in this drape.

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Dupatta Style

The dupatta style drape gives you a gorgeous look. You just need to add a matching dupatta with the outfit that will give you an amazing look. Choosing for a contrast color beautifully embroidered dupatta will give a more effective look. Open pallu saree and a separate dupatta paired with it will give you an awesome look.

Indo Western Style

The fusion of western and modern touch is the beautiful indo-western saree. Draped in a low waist saree style or a lehenga or skirt style this one will give you a fabulous look. Paired along with some fancy and stylish blouses makes the attire look more interesting. Some colorful and contrast combinations make a fabulous pair.

Trying something unique and different makes the wearer look graceful. Wearing the attire in different styles with a matching blouse and petticoat gives the wearer a flawless look. Some traditional accessories paired with the attire gives a more dignified look.

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