Latest and Trendy Arabic Mehndi Designs for Wedding

Who doesn’t want to use mehndi on big or small occasion? We are looking for models that suit them and appreciate our mehndi as it is dark. As they say, diversity is the spice of life. So to combine this with an Arabic mehndi design, we have come up with unique designs for you.

Whether this occasion is for sophisticated or simple mehndi designs, we all have one. Arabic mehndi designs are different because they are not as complex and clean as designs and Indian mehndi designs.

In Arabic mehndi design come with their own kind of complexity and are not only suitable for simple wine samples on hand, but also for whole hand and foot models.

This beautiful type of mehndi is traditionally made in jet black. What it avoids is that a pattern has different shades due to the methods used. The bold designs and shades that appear in Arabic Mehndi are certainly different from what you see on the Mehndi designs, and this style is different.

The attraction of Mehndi Arabic design is that it is annoying to a minimum and to a minimum. For small tasks, for example, the bride should not have too much, and the hands should not be red.

Latest and Trendy Arabic Mehndi Designs 2020

Arabic Mehndi Design With Thicker Strokes

Arabic mehndi design with thicker strokes

Arabic Back Hand With Circular Patterns

arabic back hand with circular patterns

Dainty Pretty Patterns on the Fingertips

dainty-pretty patterns on the fingertips

Eye-catchy Arabic Mehndi Design

eye catchy arabic mehndi design

Intricate Pattern Arabic Mehendi

Intricate Pattern Arabic mehendi design

Lotus Motifs on Wrist

lotus motifs on wrist

Pretty Arabic Trail on the Feet

pretty Arabic trail on the feet
Credit: amritahenna

Sheer Elegance

Sheer elegance

Structural Shape With Sharp Edges

structural shape with sharp edges

Traditional paisleys to flower motifs


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