10 Most Amazing Proposal Ideas On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

The most romantic days of the year Valentine’s Day is one of. This popular day is mostly anticipated by millennials to spend quality time with their spouses, significant others, and their loved ones. In case you’re planning to surprise your fiancée with a proposal on this day, you should know that you’re not off the rack.

This is because statistics show that 43% of people in the world consider February 14th as the perfect day to pop the proposal question. This article will outline 10 amazing ideas you should definitely consider while planning your Valentine’s Day proposal without being to cliché.  Let’s dive in.

Recreate your First Special Romantic Momen

A trip down memory lane is always a good idea. In order to make your proposal romantic and sensational, you can plan to recreate the first romantic moment both of you shared in a special way.

This perhaps could be the place you both said ‘I Love You’, or maybe the place where you had your first date or the place you first kissed. To make it even more memorable, arrange for reservation in the same restaurant, or arrange the same picnic you had. You can even go ahead and put on the same outfit you wore.

Then before proposing, open your heart and say how that moment is important to you, since it gave you the chance to meet the love of your life whom you want to want to spend your life with, and then you can pop the proposal. Of course, you need to say the sentimental words in your own way.

Proposing Before a Huge Crowd

Proposing before a huge crowd can add to the mystery and surprise of your proposal. Additionally, the huge crowds will add to your significant other surprise reaction. Therefore, if you know your fiancée will definitely say yes, you can plan to surprise your loved one in a big way.

This can be carried out in a movie theatre or at a place where there will be many people. In case you choose the theatre, plan with the movie management early to see if you can use the stage or they can play a proposal ad for you to surprise your love. They could also play the music you both love in the background as you ask the big question.

At Dinner in a Restaurant

Restaurants are one of the top places that individuals prefer to propose to their fiancées. If you’re the romantic type, this is a fabulous option since it will allow you to plan the special moment, with the help of experts who are acquainted with planning proposals.

This could be carried out in your favorite dinner restaurant, or at a special fancy restaurant with a spectacular view. First, ensure you book reservations early enough and then inform the staff about your plans.

They will help you either by carrying a placard with “Marry Me” inscriptions or decorate the dessert to show the proposal. You can also opt to kneel down and ask the question yourself.

Create an Album

Creating a love album of your relationship is another interesting idea that you should definitely try. This can be done by assembling pictures that reveal important moments of your relationship.

Ask your loved one to join you after the valentine’s dinner to look at the album.  In the book, ensure you capture all emotional, romantic, and memorable moments. In the penultimate page you can write “What does the future behold?”, and then on the last page let there be the ring with the proposal.

In the Morning

What better time to surprise the love of your life with a proposal rather than the time they wake up. This can be done by placing a flower at their bedside with a card beside it.

In the card, you can write your proposal in it, stick around when they open it, go on your knee and propose. Of course, they will be greatly surprised and after they agree you can have moments between you two to talk about the future, and afterward plan the activities you will do during the Valentine’s Day to celebrate the engagement.

Random Placement of Ring

If you think your partner will be suspicious when you ask them out for dinner, something that you rarely do perhaps because you’re not that romantic. You can opt to randomly place the ring where you’re sure your significant other will find it.

You could place it on the drawer, or in silverware, you’re sure they will get. With the ring accompany the words “Marry Me.” Additionally, you could opt to buy their favorite wine and on its neck write the proposal, with a ring beside it. Be sure to be around to witness their reaction.

Puzzle Gift

A puzzle might seem like an odd gift to give your loved one on Valentine’s Day.  However, the puzzle comes an important puzzle that your loved one has to answer.

Hide one piece from the puzzle so that after they solve the other entire puzzle, they will discover that one part is missing. At that point, you produce the missing piece with the writing “Marry Me.”

Outside the Window

This is an interesting way to surprise your significant other. If your loved is into the ‘80s movies and fairytales, consider proposing to them outside their window.

This can be done in the morning hours, take a placard sign written “Will You Marry Me?” together with an old boom-box and a ring. This will be a pleasant surprise for your love.

Plan a Road Trip

Has your loved one been asking you to go on a road to a particular destination? Now is the appropriate time. Plan the road trip which will surely make your significant other excited, and arrange on how you’re going to propose.

This could be done by you stopping by an amazing view while on the road trip and while you’re all taking in the magnificent view, kneel down and propose to them.

Surprise Party

In order to make the proposal more inclusive and fun, you can plan a surprise party with their family and friends. While celebrating in the party, get everyone’s attention and pop up your proposal question. With their close friends and family present to witness that important moment, it’s surely going to be a wonderful surprise to your loved one.

With the tips and suggestions above, it’s no doubt that there are myriads of ways you can choose from to surprise your loved one with a Valentine’s Day proposal. Pick your appropriate idea and propose to your love!



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