Get Best Smile with makeO toothsi Clear Aligners

makeO toothsi Clear Aligners

This is a review about my experience with makeO toothsi clear aligners. I absolutely love my smile and the way I got here. I mean I obviously wished I had this naturally but so grateful I never had to get braces for my teeth or any surgeries. I had a gap in between my two front teeth and wanted to correct it. I got to know about makeO toothsi and went on their website to make an appointment.

It was fairly easy to do and soon after the makeO toothsi pro came to my house to take a scan of my teeth. He was very polite, friendly, and gentle and made the experience a pleasant one. Couple days after, I was again contacted by the makeO toothsi team to show me my smile makeover plan during which they even showed me how I would look after the treatment. Until this moment I didn’t have to pay for anything. Once I finalized a plan, they told me the cost of the makeO toothsi clear aligners.

The price was fairly reasonable, and I also had the option to pay in monthly installments. However, I paid a down payment to start the treatment and upon receiving my aligners I paid the rest of the amount. They did a virtual consult with me when my first package with the makeO toothsi clear aligners came in and gave me all the information required on how to use them. Periodically they would track my progress and I would keep uploading pictures through the makeO app.

The relationship manager a.k.a. makeO toothsi smiley was super nice and available to answer any questions and kept the orthodontist in the loop with my status. I would get a new package as per the smile makeover plan when I had to change my makeO toothsi clear aligners. After the treatment period was over, all my teeth problems were solved and the gap that has bothered me for so long also disappeared.

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I was super happy to have trusted makeO toothsi to help me with this issue in such a convenient way and get me the smile I always wanted. I was so happy with the makeO toothsi clear aligners I also had ordered the makeO toothsi Electro i5 and makeO toothsi spark and I have to say I was impressed.

Once you start using the makeO toothsi electric toothbrush – Electro i5, you can’t go back. The clean feeling given by makeO toothsi Electro i5 is unmatched and it is also so much easier than using a regular toothbrush. I was also drinking a lot of coffee and due to that my teeth were turning a bit yellow.

I tried the makeO toothsi spark which is their tooth whitening device and it was really effective in whitening my teeth when measured on the shade card that comes with the kit. It was fairly easy to use as I just needed to put a gel on my teeth and turn on the device with UV light and put it on my teeth for up to 30 minutes and that’s all. It looked really good and now I use this periodically, especially before an important meeting or function and I feel like it really gives a good impression.


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