Backless Blouse Designs: 30 Latest Outfit Ideas You Have To Try

The blouse style attitude says a lot about the woman wearing it! That is why designers can guarantee full blouses that complement your body shape. Instead of storing your room with an infinitely long neck and neck mid jacket, you should invest in backless blouse design to stretch your curves. These jackets reveal your inner feminine beauty and make you look younger than your real age. If you are bold, confident and have a strong personality, we strongly recommend you to try out these new backless blouse designs.

The top is a traditional plain dress worn by women in India. There are a lot of  patterns blouse designs patterns. You can see the latest images of backless blouse design model 2020, you will find many models

Especially at weddings, women wear a variety of backless blouse designs with sleeveless or rough sleeves and others. Some brides prefer high neck jackets. Ruffled-neck jackets are popular among women with cape saris. There were also women wearing balloon sleeve blouse designs, which was not good for bubble brides. Bridal-neck jackets look more traditional and reserved. Such a feeling gives the neck blouse a different feel when it comes to stylish.

New trends and styles are always popular among brides. Corset style and strapless backless blouse designs are back for this season of 2020 weddings. You can pair this blouse style with these bridal net saris and all other favorites. Fashion and Dye-For Wedding Blouse Designs 2020. Look at these brides, wear your dress with pride, remember how you want to be at your wedding, comfort is just fashion style.


Tamannaah Bhatia With Backless Blouse In Plain Blue Saree

Milky Beauty Tamannaah looking sexy in sky Blue color plain saree with backless blouse design with netted sleeve length.

Tamman in Backless blouse in blue Saree

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Rakul Preet At IIFA Utsavam with Backless Blouse Designs

Rakul was in eye-catchy pink netted embroidery saree with full sleeves backless blouse design with Dori at IIFA Utasavam.

Rakhul preeth in backless blouse designs

Shriya Saran Hot Pink Net Saree

Shriya saran worn with hot pink net saree with low backless blouse with  embroidered border makes saree eye catchy.Shriya With backless Blouse

V-Shaped Blouse Backless Designs

Nothing beats the elegance of this lovely V-neck blouse with an open back. The lime green blouse with tie color is placed in a simple, deep line ending with button boards.

The border around the neckline and waist is marked with white lace to add glamor ratio. When you have a soft and flawless neckline, there is nothing like this stunning blouse.

V shaped Neck Blouse design will suit for all women, and you can choose depend on your bust size.

It mainly suits for lightweight printed or plain sarees. You can also get high V cut design with waits strap.

V-shaped Blouse Backless Designs

Anushka Sharma & Sonam Kapoor

Anushka Sharma is one of the most popular actress in Indian films. She received many awards. She looking very gorgeous look with cute smile in blue saree and green backless blouse designs with dori.

Sonam Kapoor with white saree and black net Backless blouse designs with gorgeous look.

Anushka & Sonam with backless Blouse design

Elegant Strings Backless Blouse Designs

Hot low backless blouse design front and elegant strings on the back

Back In Elegant Strings

Lining Blouse Back Neck Designs


lining blouse back neck designs

Blouse Back Neck Designs Blouse

Blouse Back Neck Designs Blouse

Fashionable Backless Blouse Designs

Hot blouse designs deep neck with trendy back knot blouse which fashionable designer backless blouse with dori

Fashionable Backless Blouse Design

Square Neck Backless Blouse Design with Dori

backless blouse design for silk saree

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Backless with Full Sleeves Blouse Design

The V-shaped backless blouse has a floral bow. Unlike the traditional blouse back knot design, it is given a flower made with a thin strip of fabric. The yellow brocade blouse adorns the neckline and fringes. It is best to wear with Georgette, Brocade Chanderi, and silk sarees.

backless full sleeves blouse design

Criss-Cross Backless Knot tie-up

Criss Cross hot blouses design front and Back never go out of style. This retro-inspired style adds a lot of fun along with glamor to your look. Here is a Criss Cross knot pattern on the back of a hot pink high neck and backless blouse design with a binding print.

criss-cross backless tie-up

Trendy Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs

Trendy Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs

U-Shaped Blouse Backless Blouse

U-Shaped Blouse Designs

V- Cut Neck Blouse Design

V- Shaped Blouse Design

Dashing Black Georgette Designer Saree

With such a sexy but glamorous back blouse design, we have Gaga in this blouse. The blouse is embroidered all over the body from the back and front. The back of the blouse is a completely transparent front deep neck blouse with thread embroidery. The back of the sleeve is also transparent with the same embroidery. The front part of the back blouse comes back with small silver chains around the world

Dashing Black Georgette Designer Saree

Jeweled Blouse Back Neck with sleeves

The U-shaped back neck is one of the most common backless blouse designs. In the back neck section of the diamond shape, the blouse design shade is decorated with big diamond-shaped stones. This blouse blends well when combined

Jewelled Blouse back neck with sleeves

Circular cut out Blouse Backless designs

Circular cut out blouse back design

Latest Saree Backless Blouse Designs

Are you bored with the classic neck blouse designs? So, you can experiment with different style with this blouse design it is re-beaded instead of the traditional thread closure. This style is close to the back to emphasize the details of the beads. However, it does expose the fat on your back.

latest saree blouse back less designs

Triangular Cut Blouse Designs 

Printed blouse will impress you. Looking at these stylish features of the blouse, the lower back is clearly visible. The beautiful backless blouse pattern is stylish and gorgeous. Suitable for weddings and other traditional occasions, it is perfect to pair with your light georgette or cotton sarees.


Drop-Shaped Back Neck With Dori And Tassels

Boat Neck Back Open Blouse Designs

O-Shaped With Embroidery Work Blouse Designs


Embrodary with back less blouse designs

CutWork Low Backless Blouse Designs

Made with cutouts, this is a stunning backless blouse that will wow everyone. Golden lace and pearls add more charm to this beautiful design. Both traditional and Indian blouse models grab the headlines due to their attractive designs. It is best suited for women with a slim frame for parties and cocktails. These backless blouses are best paired with mesh or georgette sarees.

Sassy Deep Blouse Backless Designs

Backless Blouse Designs With Intricate Pearl Decoration

Low Back Blouse With Intricate Pearl Decoration

Deep Square Neck  Backless Blouse Designs

Deep Square Neck Blouse

Back Tie Backless Blouse Design

If you want to give a stunning look to a traditional dress, choose a bow knot blouse. There are many ways to insert a bow knot in a blouse. Typically, a bow tie is used on the back tie to blouse. A perfectly tied bow usually gives chic to blouses and saris. However, there are many ways to draw a bow on a sari. The bow knot blouse gives a feminine touch to the dress.

back tie blouse design

Halter Bow Neck Backless Blouse Designs

Neck blouses have narrow thick shoulder straps near the neck. The front cut is not rounded and wide. Another notable feature of this backless blouse design is that two objects of the same color are added at the bottom to add length to the bottom.

At the back, the blouse has a perfect bow tie at the neck and is centered over the shoulders.

Halter Bow Neck Blouse

Horizontal striped Backless blouse with sleeveless

Horizontal striped Backless blouse with sleeveless

Backless Blouse Designs with pom-pom

This blouse is very fun and daring, almost backless for its colorful and kitsch vices. These types of detailed engraved pom pom blouses are perfect for mehndi or haldi events. You can combine this blouse style with your leggings for a stunning look, but be sure to fix your lingerie issues.

Backless blouse with pom pom and patch work

Parallel Straps of Fabric are Loaded with Glitters

The design is sleek and attractive. The horizontal fabric straps are shiny, which adds even more glamor to this beautiful strapless blouse. Perfect to match any lehenga or chiffon or net saree.

parallel straps of fabric are loaded with glitters


Image Credit: Pinterest, Instagram

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