7 Career Options for Fashion Design Degree Holders

A fashion design degree leads the pathway to diverse career options in multiple industries as the skillset provided during this course is relevant to most of the creative subject areas.

The curriculum of the fashion design industry consists of many advanced concepts such as the process of developing two-dimensional fabrics, trend analysis, the intricate process of color and fabric development, research methodologies, cultural studies, design development, drawing, and historical illustrations.

Students can enroll in a fashion designing institute in Dehradun or any other part of the world to seal their spot in this industry. Here is a list of seven career options that can be explored with a fashion design degree:

Fashion stylist

The professionals working in such roles are responsible for shortlisting the costumes for a particular fashion show. They must select a particular costume by critically evaluating the features of a model that is supposed to wear that during that particular fashion show. This role is just not limited to fashion shows only as an artist also prefer to hire fashion stylist for keeping their wardrobes updated with all the latest fashion products and attires.

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Fashion consultant

Professionals with a keen eye for the latest trends and practices involved in the fashion industry are considered fashion consultants. They predict the upcoming fashion trends and use their knowledge of fashion to offer expert advice to their customers involving designers and other top industry players.

Fashion Blogger/Journalist

This job role involves a journalistic approach to the fashion industry. Individuals associated with this career option are equipped with excellent knowledge of the fashion industry and possess advanced writing skills to portray trends and news related to the fashion industry. Their job is to portray the creative aspect of the fashion industry by critically evaluating designers and their perfect pieces of art. Fashion bloggers connect with their audiences through blogs that they update regularly.

Textile designer

The professionals involved in creating designs on fabric by considering the texture, spaces between the threads, and other aspects of a particular fabric are known as textile designers. They combine processes including the woven, knitted, hand-printed, machine treading, and other mixed fabrics to create their version of creative textile designs. Their researching skills are quite advanced as they must keep on looking for material that suits their imagination and comes out perfectly when blended with different accessories.

Footwear designer

These designers have expertise in developing footwear by considering materials, accessories, and other related aspects of creating comfortable footwear. They must research designs, source materials, develop ideas, differentiate between materials, and analyze their products to match the preference of their target audience.

Fashion Illustrator

Their job is mostly confined to software and applications where they create sketches and illustrations of products used in the fashion industry. They are hired by different fashion facilities for developing their promotional content by using graphical images, drawing, high-definition pictures, and other digitally advanced tools.

Visual Merchandiser

Their job responsibilities are mostly confined to the fashion outlet stores for placing the products in a perfectly synchronized manner to attract customers into buying that product. Designing displays, tracking the key KPI, and identify potential opportunities are a part of their job role.

So, if you are planning to pursue a fashion designing course, then you must consider all the roles and start preparing for this journey now.

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