Best Yoga poses to Lose Weight Quickly?

A wise man once said, “Success means getting what you want and happiness is wanting what you get.”

For many of us weight loss would prove to be the attainment of real happiness, how do we achieve that…? Is still a big question. It’s said, “Where there is a will there is a way “and here we are with you to get you a way to your salvation.

What A Yoga Diet Actually Is?

Ideally, a yogic diet is a diet rich in sattvic foods. Sattvic foods are fresh vegetables, grains,, mild spices and mildly sweet foods. However, a yoga diet does include some dairy products such as cows milk and ghee. It assists in keeping the mind clear, and pure.

  • A yogic diet has to be vegetarian.
  • A yogic diet has to be free of chemicals and stimulants.
  • A yogic diet must contain fresh foods.
  • A yogic diet has to be at regular intervals, two hours before asana practice or sleep.
  • Hence in order to reduce weight and stay weight one must follow this diet along with the practice of yoga poses.
  • This keeps the mind clear and body healthier.

Some Yoga Poses Super Beneficial for Weight Loss are

Including yoga in your daily life can play a major role in losing weight. Yoga doesn’t only calm your mind but also helps in relieving stress, anxiety and reducing obesity. As it is said, “YOGA IS NOT ONLY SEDATIVE BUT AN INVIGORATING FORCE”.

Here are some yoga poses or Asanas for losing weight.

Adho Mukha savasana

It’s also called a Downward facing dog pose Lie flat with your stomach on the floor. Place your hands and legs shoulder apart. Now slowly bend your body inwards from your waist taking the bodyweight on your hands and feet.

You should continue bending your body till you reach an inverted “V” shape. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then slowly trace back to the starting position. Try to repeat at least 3-4 times, but do not push yourself.

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Adho Mukha savasana


​This is a simple Asana can be practiced even after lunch or dinner. It is also known as a diamond pose. This can be performed immediately after food aids the rate of digestion. Regular practice can relieve constipation, acidity, increase digestion process.

A person who is suffering from joint pain and has spinal column ailments should avoid this. More or less it is also preferred as a posture for meditation.



​It is one of the advanced yoga poses which is simple to practice and contains lots of benefits. Halasana helps in rejuvenating of inner parts of body. It is also helpful for men to correct sexual related problems.

Other benefits like proper regulation of metabolism, reduces stress and fatigue. This is an excellent pose of diabetic Patients because it helps in normalizing blood and sugar levels. Pregnant women must avoid this pose.

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​This Asana or pose is also known as vakrasana. This pose is one of the 12 basic poses used in the yoga program. Not only for reducing weight but this pose can also make the body way more flexible and improves spinal cord functions.

It helps in relieving stiffness and back pain. Most importantly this pose increases blood circulation, purifies the blood and open up the chest to increase the supply of the oxygen which is necessary to free up extra stored fat.

People who have recently undergone abdominal, heart, or brain surgery should not practice this. It must be avoided during pregnancy.



​It is also called a triangle pose. A different school of yoga has different views regarding this pose. It is a standing position providing a deep stretch to the whole body parts. It can be performed often, duration as long as you can.

This is one of the best poses to burn fats and cellulite, therefore, it is recommended to a person who is facing the condition of weight and obesity. It also helps in strengthening legs, knees, and ankles.

It may be used for stress management. People facing severe back pain shouldn’t perform this. Avoid this if you are suffering from migraine. Experiencing dizziness is common so better not to look at the ground at the final stage.


There are also other things which are to be focused which can affect weight loss like lifestyle, drugs, surrounding. Any physical activity is always a great contribution towards your fitness goal. Even after performing all these poses and following these smalls tip you will feel like it’s not working but actually, it is.

Every good thing takes time so be patient and stay fit!