Most Beautiful Russian Women: Top 35 Pics Russian Women

It is no surprise that the rest of the world adores Russians as one of the most beautiful Russian women are races to exist. Russian women stand true to the statement, ” Beauty with brains“.
Physically they have a perfect body posture, hazel-ight eyes, tinted cheeks and a toned body. On the other hand, they are considered very articulate, resourceful and diligent. Russian women serve  looks and talent all the way.
Russia and the former Soviet Union is incredibly famous for being one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is not the only attractive aspect of Russia. Russians are renowned worldwide for their impeccable looks and intelligence.
Here we keep the list of most beautiful russian women from different fields like, Tv shows, sports, modeling, movies and etc.,

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk is one top most beautiful Russian women. And she is the first Russian women as model she received international recognition in the year of 2011 by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

She is a famous model who participated in the Miss Chelyabinsk 2004 beauty pageant and became very famous.

Irina is known worldwide for her Sports Illustrated swimwear, Kanye West’s powerful videos, and the Armani Spring / Summer 2010 collection.

She is considered one of the hottest models in the world for her stunning figure, stunning body and blue knockout look.

Yanina Studilina

Yanina Sergeevna Studilina is a beautiful Russian women and film theatre actress. She has acted in a few scientific horror movies.

Victoria Bonya

Victoria Bonya is TV host and also in the list of the most beautiful women in Russia. As a host she well known as the popular cosmopolitan show, which opened in 2007 and aired on TNT. He was one of the participants in the popular reality show “Dom-2” aired on the TNT channel and has been in demand for almost 11 months. In addition, she earned the title of “Sexiest Star of the Russian Show Trade”.

She is known for Maximum Impact (2017), Z’olushka (2012) and A mama luchshe! ( 2010)

Zoya Berber

Zoya Berber is a beautiful Russian women actor. She is known for Realnye patsany (2010), Realnye patsany protiv zombi (2020) and Lyubov v zharkie nedeli (2021).

Alina Kabaeva

Alina Maratovna Kabaevan is another Russian women beauty, model and a film artist. She has acted in 2 movies. Alina is also a politician and was associated with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin as a partner.

She has a very beautiful body, a very beautiful smile and sparkling eyes, which give a great performance when synchronized with any symbol.

Alina Kabaevan is a world champion rhythmic gymnast who is very beautiful and very simple and is widely known for her comfortable body that has captured the hearts of many models and millions. And retired individual rhythmic gymnast and Honored Master of Sports.

Anfisa Chekhova

Anfisa Alexandrovna Chekhova is Russian television and radio presenter. She is also a singer and an actress. She has acted in films like You I Love, S. S. D., Hitler Goes Kaput! and others. Anfisa had also participated in the Ukrainian TV show Tantsi z zirkamy.

Anna Semenovich

Anna Grigorievna Semenovich was born on March 1, 1980. She is a singer, actor, model and former ice dancer. She is a versatile performer.

Semenovich worked with Vladimir Fedorov in 1995 after a brief partnership with Maxim Kachanov, who finished fifth at the 1994 Goodwill Games. In addition, he was a Russian bronze medalist and competed in the 2000 European Championships. 2000 World Champion Show, showcasing her beautiful appearance.


Alsou Ralifovna Abramova is a Russian singer and film artist. She has represented Russia at several platforms. She gained recognition across Europe soon after she bagged the second position in Eurovision Song Contest 2000.

Alina Artz

Alina Artts is a beautiful Russian women & pop singer. She is also a television presenter, actress and writer. She has a huge fan base and hosts several shows.

Alina has hosted shows like Hot Secrets s Alina Artts, M-1 Fighter and Star Secrets. She sang the “Olimpiyskiy tanets” which was the official song of Winter Olympics Torch Relay, 2014.

Alena Zavarzina

Alena Zavarzina has been making Russia proud for a long time now. She is a former Russian snowboarder. Her specialization is in parallel slalom and parallels giant slalom disciplines. She was also the 2016/17 World Cup season winner in the parallel giant slalom crystal globe. Russian women are applauded for their athletic skills by the rest of the world.

Anna Kournikova

We have another beautiful Russian women and equally talented Russian tennis player. Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova is a former Russian tennis player. At one point, she had ranked no.1 in the world. Although her career ended at 21, due to injuries.

She is of Russian-American origin. Anna Kournikova has a global presence and celebrity status. She has also acted in movies and TV shows. Russia is a land of magnificent athletic women.

Dana Borisova

Dana Borisova is a Russian actress. She is known for Maximum Impact (2017), Medvezhya okhota (2007) and Ty nam podhodish (2014).

Ekaterina Guseva

Ekaterina Guseva or Yekaterina Konstantinovna Guseva is another Russian beauty. She is a Russian film, theatre and TV actress. The 2002 television series, Brigida was a turning point in her career. The show was a massive success and bagged her a lot of fame and attention.

Elena Zakharova

Elena Zakaharova is a Russian model actress.  She is a trained classical ballet dancer. Elena has been present in the film industry since 1995

Alla Pugacheva

AllaPugacheva is a Soviet and Russian musician. She has been present since 1965. Hence, a soviet musician as well. She was the people’s artist of the USSR in 1991. She is an icon and has represented Russia on several platforms.

AllaPugacheva has maintained her presence and icon status for over 7 decades now. She is the epitome of grace and elegance.

He began his career in early 1965 and is still in demand and popularity today. His lyrics describe his level of confidence in his charming personality. On the occasion of her 60th birthday, she was awarded the title of one of the most beautiful women in Russia by the President of Russia.

Elizaveta Mikhailovna

Elizaveta Mikhailovna Boyarskaya is better known by her stage name, Lisa Boyarskaya. She is a famous theatre and film actress. She made her debut with the film Secret Agent 3 in 2004.

Irina Antonenko

Irina Antonenko, former miss Russia is a beautiful Russian actress and model. She has acted in movies like Break, Elastic and, The Sun as a Gift. She was also in the top 15 candidates for Miss Universe 2010 pageant. Irina has represented the Russian women on several platforms, bringing glory to the country.

Kristina Asmus

Krisitina Asmus is a dream to many. Her rubescent glow and sharp features are an attraction to many. She is a Russian theatre and film artist. The Maxim magazine named her the sexiest woman of Russia in 2010. Her TV show, Interns became a massive hit. She is a hot and beautiful russian woman, who is equally bold and fierce.

Ksenia Sukhinova Miss Russia

Ksenia Sukhinova is most beautiful russian model and tv host. In the year of 2008 she crowned miss world as second russian women. In 2007 she crowned miss russia.

Kseniya Borodina

Kseniya Borodina is another Russian television presenter and beautiful Russian actress. She is the presenter of the reality show House 2 since 2002.

Kseniya Sobchak

Ksenia Sobchak is a massive public figure in Russia. She is a TV anchor, socialite and actress. Her parents are the first democratically elected mayor of Saint Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak, and the Russian senator Lyudmila Narusova. Her involvement in politics started at a very early age. She was the youngest presidential candidate at the age of 36.

Maria Kirilenko

As mentioned in the beginning, Russian women are a powerhouse of talent. Maria Kirilenko is a former Russian tennis player. She was the junior Grand Slam Champion in 2002 at the tender age of 15. She has won 6 Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) singles titles and 12 doubles titles.

Marina Abrosimova(MAKSIM)

Marina Abrosimova, better known by her stage name, MakSim is one of the cutest & beautiful Russian women you’ll ever come across. She is a singer, songwriter and a music producer. Her major feat has been the song “Daroga” which she wrote for the Russian Walt Disney film, “The Book of the Masters”. She was also the voice behind Giselle in the Russian adaptation of Enchanted.

Natalia Vodianova

Natalie Vodinova, better known by her stage name- Supernova is a Russian model. In other respects, she is also a philanthropist, entrepreneur, public speaker, and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

From streets to ramp, her journey has been full of ups and downs. Today, she stands as an inspiration to many women around the globe. She hails from a poor background and has made it big with sheer dedication and hard work. She has founded the “Naked Heart Foundation”.



Nyusha Vladimirovna Shurochkina is a renowned singer and songwriter. She is a big name in the contemporary Russian Music industry. Nyusha holds the record for the highest number of singles.

She was born on August 15, 1990 in Moscow, Russia. Although she is very young, she is still the most popular singer in Russia, she started her singing career when she was just 3 years old. For a few years he dreamed of becoming a music star.

Nyusha looks attractive in front of the audience and she undoubtedly stands out as one of the most stunning Russian women in the world. These beautiful Russian ladies made their debut at the age of 12.

Maria Sharapova

Russia is a land of tremendous tennis players. She is beautiful Russian women by birth but has been living in the United States since 1994. She is the most google tennis player. This famous Russian beauty is ranked Worlds number 9 by Women’s Tennis Association. Her hot and fit body is a an inspiration to many.

She also deserves the title of “Hottest Athlete in the World”. and also endorses many brands additionally. She was inspired by an amazing body for good health. He currently has a net worth of $ 195 million, with which he leads a life of luxury.

Yuliya Snigir

Yuliya Singer is a Russian film artist and model. She has been in the industry for a long time and acted in 30+ movies.

Xenia Tchoumitcheva

Xenia Tchoumitcheva or Xenia Tchoumi is a Russian-swiss model and actress and also a blogger, author and entrepreneur.

She has a huge public influence and uses it positively to empower women and society. Xenia gives a lot of public speeches and TEDx Talks. Her constantly voices and discusses issues like gender equality. Xenia is motivational speaker and promotes independent thinking.

Victoria Lepyreva

Victoria Lopyreva is a former Miss Russia women. She is also an actress, model, television presenter and blogger.

Valentina Zelyaeva

Valentina Zelyaeva is a famous and high-profile Russian fashion model. She has signed a 7-year contract with Ralph Lauren. Valentina appears on several campaigns and shoots of Ralph Lauren.

Tatyana Arno

Tatyana Arno is a Russian television presenter. She is a German language graduate. She started her career during her college. Tatyana was the winner of the Elle Style Awards in 2008. She is an adventure geek and is often caught enjoying activities like surfing and parachuting

Tamara Gverdtsiteli

Tamara Mikhailovna Gverdtsiteli was born in Georgian SSR, Soviet Union. She is a singer, actress and composer. Tamara is the People’s Artist of Russia since 2004 and holds the same title in Georgia since 1991.

Lera Kudryavtseva

Valeria Lvovna Kudryavtseva or, as people know her, Lera Kudryavtsena is a Kzhakhstan born. She is an actress, singer, dancer and television presenter.

Tatiana kotova

Tatiana Kotova was Miss Russia 2006. She is a singer, actress and television personality. She was also the former soloist of the Ukrainian female pop group, Nu Virgos. And she is an economics major holder and has also pursued a degree in crisis management.


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