15 Best Freelance Websites to Find Work

Coming with immense freedom to select the best opportunity to suit your skillset without any geographical limitations and chances to get the desired pay along with a challenging heterogeneous exposure, freelancing is on its way to becoming the hottest trend among the employable group of today.

And to make the most of our freelancing experience we need to be informed you here you find a list of best freelance websites.  These sites are a cut above the rest and can definitely go a long way in giving your career the right kick.

List Of Best Freelancing Website


This is a wide-ranging platform with a plethora of opportunities suited for almost every level and type of skill set out there. It accommodates hourly and per-project work, short term and long term projects and can be useful to people with all levels of expertise. With over 1.5 million users, this platform provides an engaging and fruitful experience for both job seekers and employers.


If you already have the experience and high levels of competence in your field, then this platform is just for you. Its comprehensive screening process makes sure that only the seasoned players in the field are given access to career-defining projects with great clients. One can also get access to tech events and meetups for brownie points through meaningful networking.

Toptal markets your service as the top 3 percent in the world and that is definitely going to speak volumes about your career.


This platform is unique because of the contests it organizes competitions in which the freelancers get an amazing chance to prove their worth and showcase their best performances. In addition to this, there are millions of job opportunities for everyone.


This website lets you showcase your past work profile and lets you match new job opportunities accordingly every day. Guru workroom is a feature through which you can manage all your work.


It is an extremely useful platform for talented designers to attract clients through contests and it ensures continual skill improvement through feedback.


This platform is primarily focused on web projects. Therefore, it can be of great importance for designers, developers, SEO specialists, etc.

Freelance Writing Gigs

For all those writers, bloggers, editors, authors, poets, publishers, etc out there wondering about the most optimal option to employ their creativity, this platform is definitely worth checking out.


Got a head full of creative juices and a heart full of desire to put forth impacting work? Then Fiverr is for you. It is a remarkable platform for photographers, filmmakers, writers, producers etc. All you need to do is list your services with suitable pricing and employers will connect with you!

College Recruiter

This does what its name says. It is a platform tailored to suit the needs of college students or recent graduates looking to be freelancers. It can serve the purpose of finding you the perfect part-time work along with the prospect of jump-starting your career.


This platform is for those with an appetite for scientific and academic inclinations. One can look for research work, scientific writing and more through this. Highly qualified freelancers can find their suitable work for appropriate pricings.


Simplyhired allows you to browse through jobs nearby you. Moreover, it has a special tool that estimates your fee. This is crucial in attracting the most genuine and paying opportunities.

It also helps in creating a resume and one can learn many things from their blog.


This is a very distinct platform with its recruitment process being based on artificial intelligence. An AI software will rank everyone based on their price, experience and skills. This is particularly helpful for the job seekers as they do not have to manually apply for the jobs as the ranking shall prompt suitable clients to contact automatically.

Writer access

Becoming a freelance writer has never been more easy. With writer access, you can choose from a variety of opportunities such as online writing, case studies, tech papers etc.

It provides its users with smart tools such as content analytics, keyword optimization and content planner. This improves the quality of the work done and proves that this is a great platform for both writers and clients.


This platform focuses on housework. If you got expertise in plumbing, fitting, assembling, moving and packing, etc, look no further than Taskrabbit for perfect job opportunities.


Nexxt has four job search categories: career focus, local focus, diversity focus, and global focus. The specialty here is the third option which lets you choose a more diverse and enlightening platform through improved inclusivity.

The other categories are also helpful as they intend to filter jobs for you that can take you in the desired direction in your career.